So last week was pretty mega, here’s THREE big bits of news


I feel like a new person today. As in one of those people that layer up their MAC foundation until they look like Miranda Kerr. One of those people that straighten their hair and wear dark lipstick because they’re cool and edgy and alternative.

One of those people that don’t carry around a giant knot of anxiety in the pit of their stomach.

Like a happy person. A HAPPY PERSON.

I’ve got three biggies to tell you.

Still not pregnant though, mind.



You all knew this one was coming. To begin with it felt like something that would be temporary whilst I looked for somewhere else to rent in London, but it feels a bit more long-term than we’d planned.

I’ve brought 35 pairs of shoes with me and three boxes of beauty goodies which pretty much says it all.

A friend asked if we were nervous or scared or excited about moving in together, but it was just sort of happened very quickly and we haven’t really had time to think about it. My boyfriend is due back from work in half an hour and i’m using his laptop, there’s three blankets strewn across the floor, I haven’t started the dinner i’ve promised or started unpacking my boxes, so I think he’s going to love living with me, right?

Here’s where i’d like to insert the monkey emoticon with the hands over its eyes.




Well, duh, you’re not all blind.

As much fun as it was having my blog look like a year nine school project I thought i’d part with some of the cash usually reserved for a last-minute September holiday for a re-design.

I went with Squeesome, who are a company I found through Google, and they were amazing.

I pretty much just sent them a mocked up version of what I wanted (that I made on Paint on a Thursday evening when my boyfriend was busy getting hammered in the pub) and for £120 that totally transformed it into something that looks glossy and professional.

Mega cheap right?

The money would only have gone on me getting upset with Ryanair and getting a burn-tan. Y’know that sort of blisteringly red sunburn that turns to tan the next day? Yeah, that.



That’s right I have an agent, sort of.

Which I *think* makes me an actual real-life blogger. Can I get a woohoo?

It essentially means I’ll be getting advertising on my site and more opportunities to do exciting things in the future. Which means, fingers crossed, i’ll be able to set aside more time for more posts. I’m aiming to get up to one a day. My main fear is that i’ll start whacking out rubbish like this post instead of doing fun, shareable and relatable list posts. So if you’ve got any ideas, hit me up kids.

I’m off to go and cook some sweet potatoes or summin.



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