I just wanna talk about lipstick, OK?


Sometimes it’s nice to not bang on and on about mental illness and life stresses and how rotten the world is, sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate lipstick and pretty things, like Big Macs.


I try and wear lipstick a few times a week becuse it just makes me so bloody happy. And, you’re going to love this bit, in order to put this blog post together I full on re-did my make-up just to take selfies. It felt like I was 15 and trying to get the perfect MySpace profile picture all over again. Seriously. Except I didn’t wear a New Look push-up bra or straighten my hair for 27 minutes.

So here it is, stripy t-shirt, greasy top-knot and all, my six favourite lipstick shades right now documented in messy kitchen selfies.

(The mess is because i’m moving, obvs – not because i’m a general state, like that girl Ross once dated in Friends. Although I am like that sometimes. Just sometimes…)



1. Yves Saint Laurent 51

This is a shade that has been lodged in my lisptick tin for months and i’m gutted I didn’t take note of it earlier (especially as it’s £25, seriously) – it’s the perfect easy-to-wear spring shade. I love how creamy YSL lipsticks are, they feel pretty much exactly the same as a lip balm, just y’know, with actual colour. Dream.

2. Rimmel 111 Kiss Of Life

I got sent this when I was at LOOK and the shade feels much darker on then it does in the picture. I’ve been stearing clear of vampier lip colours since I got a boyfriend becase a) I don’t want to absolute terrify him and b) I have a baby feeling this might DEFINITELY transfer all over him and leave him looking like he has Slapped Cheek (that’s the name of that disease thingy, right?). Good.

3. MAC Candy Yum Yum

This was sent to me by MAC last year as part of a festival survival pack and i’m absolutely obsessed. It’s bright enough that it’s fun, but not so bright that it makes you look like an absolute clown (I hope?). MAC’s matte lipsticks are amazing because they last forever but they also make my lips feel like they’re peeling away with dryness a smidge so I need to make sure I alternate with Vaseline.

4. Topshop Infrared

I spent my last £8 on a Topshop lipstick during London Fashion Week waaaay back when in 2011 and this is it. When I say my last £8, it actually came out of that extra overdraft after your overdraft that student bank accounts have. I wanted an orangey lipstick for ages and this was the first high street version I found.

5. Rimmel 107

This is the darkiest, naughtiest lip colour i’ve ever owned and I only ever bring it out in autumn. But i’m still sat with it on now because, well, i’ve missed it. And i’m just embracing how creamy and soft it is on my lips. It feels like butter. Yum.

6. MAC Relentlessly Red

My newbie that I wrote about only a few days ago and already my favourite. It’s classic, it lasts all day even when i’m gulping back cappuccinos and Diet Coke, and it’s pink and everything pink always wins.

Which shade’s your fave? (I can’t believe I just asked such a lame cringe question and now I really want to insert that emoticon with a monkey covering its eyes).



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