And the winner of my beauty giveaway is…


OK, so when I did this little giveaway to say sorry for my poorly blog, I expected a handful of you to apply. Maybe 20, maybe 30.

Like the idiot I am, I promised to pull a name out of a hat. And I pretty much stood true to my word.


I handwrote over 300 names on pieces of paper, with an ‘i’, ‘t’ or ‘b’ depending on whether the entrant had come from Instagram, Twitter or my blog. The Facebook entrants just had their full name written down. And yes, it did take me nearly an hour FML. I must really like you guys.

So here you are, my first ever blog giveaway winner…

And yes I am in my night time robe, and yes my face is too pufy and blotchy and stained with the day to appear on camera. Soz.

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