31 thoughts every twenty-something girl has on a daily basis

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1. I’m fat.

2. FUCK, is that a stretch mark? Or did I sleep on a bed sheet crease again?

3. I wish I was going on holiday today, I need sand and a tan and cocktails. Actually need it for my mental health. Life is so stressful.

4. Wait, I wonder if I have depression.

5. Michelle Keegan is so ridiculously hot. My life is so unfair. Just look at those boobs.


7. I wish McDonalds had no calories in. 

8. Oh good, another person I went to school with has posted a baby scan on Facebook. FML.

9. Is it too early for wine?

10. I’m fat.

11. Wait, why is my hair doing that shit thing again? FFS.

12. I wonder if my boyfriend will propose to me this year.

13. Wait, but if he does do I actually want to marry him? And only sleep with one person for the rest of my life.

14. I think I’m pregnant.

15. Do I like my job? Maybe I should go travel the world instead. Everyone else is doing it.

16. Will my lunch look good with a nice Instagram filter on it? And will it get enough likes to not make me look like a gigantic unpopular loser?

17. I’m tired.

18. That girl is such a basic bitch.

19. Oh seriously, fuck. I’ve already planned my outfit for tomorrow night  in my head with those Topshop shoes so now I’m going to have to spend £80 on them and then just eat beans and noodles for the rest of the month.

20. *Goes to Pret, spends £7*


22. Holy fucking shit, that girl looks 58932 times more stylish than me. I hate my life.

23. She’s so skinny too, she obviously doesn’t eat. That must be it, she’s anorexic.

24. I should go to the gym tonight, but y’know… Tired.

25. Wait, why am I crying over nothing AGAIN?

26. I wonder if all of these people on my Facebook that I haven’t spoken to in 6 years secretly stalk me like I stalk them.

27. Wait, why has a boy I was texting in 2009 just Facebook messaged me? What is this? Oh maybe I got hot.

28. I want a can of Diet Coke. Ewww, no, not a bottle.

29. Have I got lipstick on my chin? This is why red lippy is for fucking idiots.

30. Oh good, someone’s just posted another fake Marliyn Monroe quote on Twitter.

31. And then every night between Monday and Thursday… Tonight I’m going to go home, have a bath, eat carbs and watch Netflix because I deserve this shit because my life is HARD. So fricking hard.

Being a girl is ace, innit?

  • and this is why women are bat shit crazy…

    • And this is why you’re a cunt.

      • Kathleen

        Pahahaa pmsl, well done

      • Harry

        Taking that as a yes.

  • I laughed so hard I cried reading this. At least one of these passes through my mind each day without fail! Thanks for making me smile Hannah. 🙂

  • Lol these are so me :] x

  • All over Number 9!

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  • Zoe

    Thoughts every twenty-something girl SHOULD have on a daily basis;

    1. Why am i defined by how i look?
    2. Why should i have to wear make up and the latest fashionable clothes to feel beautiful?
    3. Why am i spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothing brands that exploit the people who make the clothes?
    4. Why am i drinking Diet Coke when the company is destroying the natural environment and exploiting workers in its factories?
    5. Why am i drinking Diet Coke when it has the ingredient aspartame in it which is linked to alzheimers?
    6. Why am i comparing myself to other women and to celebrities constantly? (what does this achieve other than make me want to buy more consumer products that i dont need in an attempt to achieve unattainable perfection)
    7. Why is a man paid more to do the same job as a woman?
    8. Why is domestic work still heavily ‘women’s work’?
    9. Why is poverty increasing all over the world?
    10. Why am i a consumer before i am a citizen?
    11. Why am i wasting hours of my life trying to have perfect hair?
    12. Why do i allow corporations to convince me to buy their beauty products when the production of these products are destroying the natural environment and perpetuating sexist stereotypes?
    13. Why am i more concerned about my appearance and social media ‘likes’ than about having intelligent thoughts that could actually make a difference in to the world i live in?

    • omg I read the first one and was thoroughly disappointed that people are able to relate to that, however faith in humanity = restored

    • Rebecca Cunningham
    • Questions you should ask yourself: why am I such a massive bore?

      • wow, one woman mentions incredibly important factors and a man calls her a bore for it = asshole!

      • Cat

        Ooo a woman says something intelligent.
        Lets call her names under a false name – cause Im a boy 🙂

        Am I the only one whos picking up that when women says clever, educated, truthful things little boys just try squash them back down by name calling?

        Now, not to be presumptive but all I hear when boys post comments like this is ‘Stop being so clever, why cant you be a dumb whore and spread your legs instead?’

      • Sean

        No Cat, he didn’t say that because she was a girl and he was a guy, it was because those are the tropes that we hear every single day about the “plight” of being a woman.

        Why do you immediately have to throw out the ad hominems, talk about his argument, his beliefs, not his fucking penis.

    • Jack Hopkins

      I would take issue with your assertion that a man is paid more to do the same work as a woman. I agree that on average women (as a group) earn 74p per pound that the average man (as a group) earns, but this is not due to income inequality in the workplace. Indeed, such discrimination is illegal, and even if it were happening, it would surely make economic sense for companies to hire ‘cheaper’ women rather than men to do the same job.

      The discrepancy is due to two main factors:
      – More men work than women, due to personal choice rather than being forced out of the workplace
      – Men gravitate (on average) towards more lucrative roles such as engineering, where women (on average) gravitate towards human-facing roles such as HR. Whether this is biologically routed or cultural is still up for debate, but a lot of research (especially from the Cambridge Gerontology department) is surprisingly coming down on the side of biology. However I invite you to look into this yourself.

      • koletta

        Jack, yes you are partially right, but at the same time women doing the same job get paid less. There are less women than men is senior potions. Glass cealing is there and corporation are more likely to higher men because they will not go and have a baby. If some women already gone and had a baby majority of them automatically has one year less work experience.

      • Kathleen

        Another boy who tries to justify why we on average are paid less in the workplace, a real man would be disgusted by this and stand up for our equality in all facets of life

      • Sean

        Kathleen, stop looking at it at face value. There is more of an explanation than “The partriarchy did this.” Think about WHY things evolved the way they did, from an unbiased viewpoint and you would realize that yes, women on average earn 74% of what men earn, BUT, if you compare similar jobs there is virtually no discrimination.

      • Sarah

        Women need to stop having a hissy fit every time someone suggests we’re different from men. I don’t have a dick. Do you? I’m proud to be a woman, not the same as a man!
        I’d rather be a stay at home Mum than go to work. If I have to work then I want to work supporting women. To be honest, the way the economy is set up to promote women working and missing our on their children’s lives is disgusting. If my husband got paid more because he’s a man, then I wouldn’t have to pay someone else to raise my child. The world is political correctness gone mad.

      • bassjunky

        I would agree with some of that, I am an engineer, as are most of my female friends and we get paid comparable wages, in fact I am pretty certain (despite the fact that I told my employers in my interview I would accept 3 k less than the lower salary band advertised, to ensure I got the job) that I am still earning substantially more than a number of my male colleagues in our particular engineering office. So you could argue that it is in part down to the roles women choose and additionally that flexible working hours to facilitate childcare may be a factor. I know of a number of women who have late starts/early finishes to be able to drop off/collect their child from school but I don’t know of any men who does this. In fact one woman at our place has informed us she has reduced her working hours to part time to spend more time with her son. Also I think that women have a hard time asking for a payrise or even asking for a high wage to start with compared to men.. I have a friend who after ten years of ‘working her way up’, in demands and responsibilities rather than in title and wage, within one particular company, discovered the newly employed apprentices were on a higher wage than her because she had never asked for a payrise. Needless to say she learned her lesson and is now working elsewhere on double her previous wage 🙂

      • bassjunky

        Also I would like to add, women can quite easily get highly paid managerial and supervisory roles if they want to as I have noticed that a lot of the very few women at my workplace are in managerial positions. I would say the percentage of women to men in managerial/supervisory positions is probably in favour of the women! If you don’t ask, you don’t get!!

      • However, recent research has shown that even across many of the same jobs, women are paid less than men, so that whole “men choose better paid jobs” argument doesn’t wash.

        I’m sorry but if two people are doing the same job, regardless of gender, they should be paid the same.

    • agreeZoe! Plus I can’t actually relate to the “31 thoughts” article posted on here because I’m happy in myself.

    • i think if we all thought about the above we would get depression, what is important to you is not important to all. not everything is a social justice issue

    • lucy

      Excellent response

    • 1. Please be happy in your own skin and you are all beautiful even without all the effort!
      2. You are NOT fat (OK some of you are, but really, most of you are NOT!)
      3. Nice guys will treat you nice, bad boys will treat you bad! (and bad boys won’t change!)
      4. If you tell a guy about a problem you are having they will probably try to help you fix it, if you want us to listen, tell us you want us just to listen
      5. In fact if you ever want us to do anything, just tell us what you want us to do!!

      • Troy

        Dude, you sound so pussy whipped to the point you dont know how to be a man anymore. This page is a joke. You sir sound like you need to let go of whatever women have been telling you in what they want from a man, and start being who you want to be. Be a man, and lead, women are emotional creatures. Hence the page of them and thier thoughts never making any real logical sense. lol. PEACE

    • LadyBird

      Dude, chill.

    • L Attwood

      So true especially aspartame! Stop putting that nasty chemical in your bodies everyone not just women x

    • laura

      good for you! i agree with this one! Men get paid more for doing less of a job you mean. but lets make them think they are important when we all know they are ignorant

      • Ryan

        Ok i completely agree with men earning more than women, even if they are doing exactly the same job. My reasoning behind this is, however, in no way sexist, my opinion is based on facts.
        On average men earn an extra 2% on top of what women earn, which if you think about it, is not worth whining about anyway, but, think about all of the things we spend our money on, for you, that you do not…
        Cinema tickets, train tickets, nights out, romantic meals, drinks, dominoes, etc etc… trust me from personal experience all this stuff adds up. I could of bought a new car with the money ive spent on drinks and dominoes and the like for my girlfriend over the past 7 years, i need my extra 2 per fucking cent.

    • ‘SHOULD’ have these thoughts? I’ll think whatever I fucking like thanks, you self-righteous windbag. The list is obviously tongue in cheek, as we all know they are silly thoughts. There is nothing here to say these women don’t also think about serious issues
      Grow up, assuming you’re not actually 14.

    • Thank you! The original post angered me so much. This girl should apologise to feminism and for stunting it’s development. I am women who thinks more about how inhumane social conditioning is than what shoes are going to make my ankles look fat. I am sorry for the person who wrote this, she is obviously been influenced to think that this is what being a women is. I am sorry this is how you feel, but don’t include me and ‘every twenty-something girl’ in it.

      • Laura

        Hear hear!

      • shannon

        I’m a 20 something girl, and though I would say I’m a feminist (not your bra burning man hating let’s not wear make up its demeaning feminist) I’m not even slightly ashamed to say most of these thoughts cross my mind. I think it’s quite relatable and funny, and I think too many people are getting their knickers in a twist over a bit of harmless fun. Get a grip and focus on real problems, not bashing this girl.

      • shannon

        Oh and before you start saying I’m just as bad as her, I’d like you to know I’m a married working mum, who earns nearly twice as much as my husband. My image isn’t everything, and I spend very little on vanity products. We eat as healthily as we can
        So before you come back and say I don’t have a clue, trust me, I do. I think you are the worst kind of ‘feminist’, belittling another ladies view.

    • Adam Reekie

      Almost all of your points are the same one point but worded differently. Although I do agree with the motive, some of your points are even more archaic than the shit above. Number 8 for instance, you’re perpetuating the idea if anything and I don’t believe it to be true. This is just feminism for dummies, two total disparate lists, one happens to be shallow and generalising and one happens to be self righteous, pretentious and platitudinous. I mean, number 11? why is having nice hair wasting your life? At least the half wits who came up with the load of tripe above managed 31 points, you were scraping the barrel by number 4!

    • Alice

      Honestly, I have to agree with what ‘Gordan Ramsay’ has said. This author has obvioulsy wrote this piece as a light humourous piece that meant women could find themselves relating to in one way or another. Why is it that you feel you can come and change the whole feel of the article by downplaying the authors every day thoughts by posting thoughts (unrealistic thoughts at that) about what women SHOULD think.
      I am so over people putting a seriousness on every aspect of life. Now I dont need comments telling me I know nothing, I have spent over half my life living in 3rd world countries and have witnessed the terrible things that they have to overcome, but why is it that you feel it is ok to justify how everyone thinks? What everyone cares about?
      And to all of you above supporting her post and ‘feminism’, why are you sat posting on this article which you obviously find so offensive and not out there changing the world?
      Its all well and good to sit behind a computer and tell the world what a brilliant person YOU are, but in reality if these were your actual motives you wouldnt be doing something so arbitrary and timewasting as posting on one girls blog.

    • We need more people in the World to say this and more things along these lines… CHALLENGE GENDER NORMS

    • Sarah

      For some I feel more related to those thoughts you posted.

      Why am I striving for perfection when technically there is nothing wrong with me?

      There is nothing wrong with anybody, if other people don’t like what they see, then why is that my problem?

      Am I doing things to please my myself or other people?

      And why the hell should I?

    • Emma

      They’re not mutually exclusive thoughts you know. Just because someone is thinking someone is thinking the thoughts on the top list it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking the thoughts on your list. Flaws are what makes people human.

    • Lucy

      Zzzz another boring feminist

    • Sacia

      Well put, Zoe!

    • Rhian

      Well done lass! This article is a total load of tripe. Any twenty something girl who has thoughts like this everyday needs to wake and smell the roses. Appreciate what you have and get over the stuff that you don’t. Expensive shoes and buying lunch out everyday…..boo-freaking-hoo # 1st world problems # material girl #ffs #havesomefuckingdecorum.

    • Kye

      Thumbs up Zoe 🙂

    • Steph

      I love you, thank you for improving this *insert rude word* article.

    • Yes! sadly though, I find I just ADD those to the other thoughts.

      I want those shoes. But I’m not defined by how I look. But I like to look nice for ME. But I can’t afford them. But I can buy a rip off of them on eBay. But they’re made by orphans in Chinese sweat shops.

      Ad infinitum.

    • Emily

      You’re awesome. I generally let my guard down with these kinds of articles but was incredibly disappointed to see facebook friends write ‘omg so true, all of these’. I think the women that relate to these ’31 thoughts’ should read through your questions and re-evaluate their concerns in life and change their behaviour to have a reduced/postive social-environmental impact

    • simone

      Yes yes yes!!!! Fuck, if girls seriously think like that bimbo twit then they have serious issues

    • william

      Because shitty web lists like this are designed to drive web traffic to sites like this so they can advertise that make up and consumerism to you.

  • Cel

    “23. She’s so skinny too, she obviously doesn’t eat. That must be it, she’s anorexic.” This is so horrible. ugh. Most of this is a load of crap anyway.

  • L

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever read.

  • jen

    this is all bullshit thank fuck not all women are like this

  • Lydia

    I can appreciate your blog as a whole, but I’m afraid I find this post completely distasteful. It shows a complete lack of awareness towards mental health. Anorexia – for example, is serious mental illness with physical implications which kills. You can educate yourself further on the topic, and avoid any further embarrassingly ignorant pieces here. http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/. Although, as an ex-journalism student I understand that 95% is bullshit anyway.

    • am172

      I agree. “Maybe I’m depressed” not cool.

      • Kevin S

        What if she is depressed? If not, should she not regularly be questioning and evaluating her mental state?

  • this is dumb AF. I’m actually embarrassed for you.

  • however I do realise that this a lighthearted blog post

  • sheena

    I think the real issue is the incredibly over sensitive society that can’t tell the difference between a lighthearted post and a serious piece. Honestly, channel your energy into more appropriate avenues if you’re trying to make a difference. While it’s important to maintain some level of “politically correct” behaviour and speech, most people have become oversensitized and nit picky to the point where real issues are being glazed over and pieces like this are being analyzed harshly.

    • Fiona

      Quite right Sheena – yet another example of people over-reacting completely to a light hearted blog. Just because some (obviously not all…) girls have these thoughts does not mean they are incapable of considering more important issues also.

    • Fiona

      Quite right Sheena – Yet another example of people over reacting completely to a light hearted blog post. Just because some (clearly not all…) girls have these thoughts doesn’t mean we are incapable of putting our minds to more important issues also.

  • Hannah

    is this actually how girls think?? no wonder i get on better with boys…jeez

  • Emi

    What an awful article. Just because you are dissatisfied with yourself, unhappy with your weight, and jealous of others – does not mean every woman is. Your content is normally miles better than this, what a shame!

  • KB

    Sheena is right. People are sharing this all over Facebook because they relate to it. Like every comedian, the material is lighthearted, relatable and a little tongue in cheek. It is a comical piece not a factual news article, there is nothing funny about “twenty something girls wonder why men get paid more than them.” This girl is not stupid, she obviously knows girls also have educated thoughts about the world but that’s for someone else to write about, not a comedy writer. Clearly it is aimed at a specific audience and you are not it so perhaps should head over to a news website instead.

  • what a load a wank

    this is the worst article ive ever seen and i only made it to no.15. usually id just close the tab but this was just so offensively awful

  • Bleak

    To the writer: You’re an idiot.

  • Ughhhhh

    What an absolute pile of shit this is. To the writer: you’re a moron and your face is, like, super shiny.

    • pickles

      Comment on the article all you like – that’s what this section is for. Don’t make silly, mindless comments about someone’s appearance here.

    • jess

      Oh dear, you think it’s okay to criticise what the writer has wrote and then to insult her appearance? Absolutely not okay. She’s an attractive girl and there was no need for that pathetic little comment.

  • Funny

    Oh my word, You all need to get over your selves. I’m sure this was not intentionally written to bully anorexic girls. AND 9/10 women generally look at themselves every now and again and think, my god a look a little fat today. It’s just one of those things. The rest, the 1/10 who are super duper confident about themselves, Fair fucks! brilliant, nice one! But most girls who think shit I look fat today simply laugh it off, tomorrow is another day, maybe I’m just bloated. So get a grip. This is a light hearted joke. Genuinely made me laugh. There are more serious things in the world than worrying about whether your boyfriend is going to ask you to marry you, I agree, but IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!

  • Lilliana Watkins

    Number 6 and 17 are the only two thoughts on this list that I tend to have on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I’ve never thought any of the others, bar from the occasional self-concious day where I fuss over my body and stress that I’m not good enough, smart enough, etc,… But everyone has those days, not just women. We’re only human, after all.

    This article, though, is really offensive, and if you do truly have even half of these things, however often or little, then I really think you should step back and take a good long look at your life, and yourself as a person, before you decide to post another article such as this one.

  • Hahahhahahaa!!!!

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  • Zoe

    I’m glad I’m not “every twenty something girl” and just “a” twenty something girl. Your suggestions are nonsense. linkbait, media trash and completely and utterly stupid. Go out and actually meet some people who aren’t obsessed with appearance, calorie intake and what everone else thinks about you. Life’s better than this.

  • Wow. This post really dragged out the professionally offended from under their rocks!

  • Ricky

    I don’t get why everyone is complaining about these chemicals and stuff whether it’s the drug in diet coke or make up. If you don’t want to use it don’t use it. I’ve heard a few women say it then go and buy more.

    Furthermore, I have to say about it being a bore, it kind of is unless she was starting a movement but she’s not she’s posting a comment on a topic not actually doing anything about it. They even said that why do I drink coke when they treat their employees bad. She’s not setting an example so the fact she complains about it is boring because in a few weeks they’ll be another comment on another page the exact same and it’s pointing the obvious. The answer to why we do it is be because we do it for ourselves not other people. People like to treat themselves in fact that’s all we do in a first world country but why should I feel sad because some guy is getting paid poorly. People over here get paid poorly as well. They lose their house some have to live in hostels as there’s a massive increase in children having children more likely than not to gain the benefits from the government which they spend on themselves only essentials for the baby until the are old enough to talk.

    There are problems everywhere but why blame the companies. By the way, before they worked there they would have been paid less or not at all in some circumstances. The reason they work for less is because that less is still more than what they earned before or the same. A company opening a new factory means more jobs. That m implies that somebody who didn’t have a job before could get one.
    So, I don’t feel so bad when I find out that if they did it in first world countries only the price of a can of coke would increase at a much faster rate. I use this example because if they had a universal minimum wage then that would be the case. It’s how the rich get richer. They pay poor countries because it’s cheap labor and high profits. So, we pay the companies yet we don’t earn that money back because they aren’t keeping the money in our country. Look at the Starbucks tax avoidance.

    Damn, now I’ve done the same as her. (Facepalm

  • dale d

    This is why you can’t have fun on the internet because someone has to spoil it by trying to start a women vs men/ men vs women arguement *sigh


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  • Elizabeth

    Every single one of these is spot on!

  • Raddi

    My god, chill out. Yes, women obviously think about less superficial matters and are able to carry decent conversations. But are all you people telling me that you have NEVER looked in the mirror and thought, wtf hair? No? Then you obviously take no pride in your appearence. I dont understand what is so wrong with a woman wanting to look appealing and dress fashionably. There is nothing wrong with this, and others shouldn’t slate these women for it. I stand for womens rights for equality, but lets face it. If you want to have a baby you are going to have to take time off , unless you’re a freak that can be back in work the next day. An employer has to think about this as whilst you’re away the work has to get done, which means having to pass along your work load or train someone else which does take time. It’s just the way it works and no amount of protest will change biology. Women have come a long way in the past 100 years, yet I personally wouldn’t object to a man opening a door for me and buying me a drink.Itisn’t a way to be offensive, its being a gentleman and due to all the feminist crap of ‘I’m independent’ it is slowly dying off. All in favour of some independence, but give the poor guy a break. If he wants to buy you dinner, let him! For one it’s a way for independent women to save money. Christ

    • Personally, I think this is frankly hilarious- stuff the people saying it’s degrading to women and how could anyone relate to it- it’s the sort of thing every 20 something girl does think on a daily basis, Hannah just had the idea to post it on her blog.

      In fact I found it so relatable that it is the inspiration behind my own version of this list. Which can be found here: http://charliebaya.weebly.com/blog/daily-thoughts-off-every-20-something-female
      (I have a link to Hannah’s blog within it)
      The truth is no one post on the internet will ever be greeted with applause and praise from all sides, but that’s the nature of the internet.

  • Oh I hear you sister! Reading it made me want to cry for no reason urghh. Great post! 😀

  • Haha, absolutely loved this post and laughed out loud. Some of the comments made me laugh too – people have taken this post way too seriously!! I just don’t understand why everyone has to argue about everything. *sigh*

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

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  • Lewis

    totslly agree with this, especially McDonald’s lol

  • Notbotheredbutactuallyiam

    It’s all got very serious here hasn’t it! From reading all of this it’s pretty clear that woman are pretty bad at discriminating against each other, so what if a girl area about what she looks like or wants to wear makeup or has some self confidence issues? It doesn’t mean she isn’t highly intelligent, and or doesn’t care about more morally more intricate subjects. Not everyone wants to be a vegan or a boycott brands for a hobby. I know personally ld like to be allowed the choice and not feel judged by the ‘feminist’ population when I reach for a new lipgloss or wear high heels

  • Katie

    I never normally comment on things but got halfway down these comments and got so fed up that I have to! Oh my god everyone just calm down!!! It’s clearly just a funny (to some) but light hearted blog post, she’s not writing it assuming EVERY 20something thinks EXACTLY this way it’s just a bit of fun! Everyones so scared of offending people or thinking they should be offended all the time.. Just lighten up and stop being so boring. If you don’t like then go and read something else!

    • Ray

      Hooray, Katie! Took the words right out of my mouth!

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  • Sarah Jones

    Just realised i might be a man. Just reading these makes me wanna punch someone they are so shallow and vain. The girls who think these things are what i call fluffies. Grow a backbone and get your shit together!

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  • Sharon

    I got about a quarter of the way through the comments and gave up. How did a post (clearly meant as a bit of fun) end up a debate on whether or not women are fairly represented in the workplace and and treated equally in terms of income??

    If you don’t like/agree with the post, then don’t read it….close the page and move on. Don’t sit there and have an argument about it.

  • nina

    Well…. not quite. Not at all, actually.

  • Paula

    Soooo true!!! I love it x

  • I love your blog sooo much !!! I fell less weird seeing that someone else feel the same way !! :p let me know if you want to talk !! 🙂 i really love what ur doing !!! Keep up

  • Jen

    I was enjoying reading this until I got to the bit about skinny girls being that way because they’re anorexic. Please stop. I get hated on all the time because I’m skinny and I can ‘just eat whatever I want’ I can’t otherwise I would be unhealthy and some people don’t have the the privilege of having good food. Everyone should just be happy with what they have got. Bottom line: article would’ve been just as funny without the eating disorder comment.

  • Rae

    Yeah I’m sorry, but she states she’s fat twice, she’s complaining about stretch marks and yet she has no children (oh just wait till she does!), she NEEDS a holiday for mental health? Come on, please. When she gets back she’ll just be back to her ‘stressful’ life and winging about it. Not to mention all the money she spent on holidaying.
    ‘Wait, I wonder if I have depression?’ If she had depression, she would not be ‘pondering’ about it like that. She’s just sad cause she’s a spoilt brat who is forced to live in the real world. There ain’t no silver platters hunny! What were you expecting?
    Instead of making the most of life, all she does is complain about how it’s ‘so unfair!’ Get over it.
    She’s wastes all her money on a pair of shoes and then complains she has no money, she’s unhappy with her life and so can’t be happy for anyone else – so what, people have babies, they move on with their life, it’s an exciting time for them, so stop being such a sour bitch and be happy for them and for yourself!
    Too early for wine? Alcoholic or just dreaming of being one? Wines not gonna sort your life out, nor make you happy. It’s a temporary fix, that honestly is only gonna make things worse.
    Her day is ruined by imperfect hair? Oh my god! Feel free to shut up. And stop putting other girls down to try and make yourself feel better too! You’re the ‘basic bitch.’
    Seriously, I hope your boyfriend DOESN’T propose to you, with that attitude, he deserves someone who KNOWS she wants to marry him, without a doubt.
    Fine, travel the world, but stop complaining about how ‘shitty’ your life is, and don’t do it just because ‘everyone else is doing it’, how fucking sheeple can you be? Next you’ll be getting pregnant just because ‘everyone else is.’
    Oh my god! Your daily ‘problem’ of filtering a photo of your lunch to Instagram and get enough likes to validate yourself? That is seriously pathetic! God, I bet there are millions of people who wish they had the ‘problems’ you do instead of you know, REAL PROBLEMS?
    You’re crying over nothing, again? That honestly doesn’t surprise anymore. Oh and that guy from 2009 messaging you? Yeah you didn’t get hot, he just wants the number of your friend. You’re in a relationship, remember?
    Yes love, your life is so hard you poor thing! There there, it’s so difficult being an adult now isn’t it, no responsibilities, disposable income, just yourself to look after and a job to go to… Even though you don’t like your job, at least you have one, and honestly hun, you’re not gonna like any other job you get anyway cause lets face it, jobs require you to actually do work.

    • DumbBlonde

      This brought so much satisfaction to my soul, i’m almost tempted to print it, frame it, and hang it on my bedroom wall. Seriously, hats off to you.

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  • Elizabeth Schirk

    this article makes me want to slam my head into a fricking wall until I crush my skull. Just terrible.

    Well not everyone’s life is this shitty. Stop bitching about everything and work to make it better.

    Stop comparing yourself to everyone- it’s a waste of your time and energy. focus on yourself, and how to improve YOU.

    Stop complaining. Live in the moment. Do good things for other people. Get off facebook. Be a good person.

    Secrets to living a happy life.

  • maddie

    And yet another funny article that turns into a big dramatic argument. This shit is funny end of story. Seriously some people need to learn to just take things at face value.

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  • Haha number 12 is so relevant to me! 😛 Great post 🙂

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  • It is never too early for wine!x

  • Turning 20 this year but already most of these apply to me.

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