17 things every girl needs to remember at all times

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Because life isn’t always easy, most of the time it’ll make you want to smack yourself in the face, cry for no reason and eat potato-based products. But that’s a-ok.

Go on, remember these things and try not to have a breakdown today..

1. Nobody on their deathbed ever says that they wished that they had worked more. Any dying regrets will be that they loved harder, lived fuller and embarked on more adventures. Remember that when you’re beating yourself up about your career or lack of. Your work should always be to fund your lifestyle and happiness and not to be the epicentre of your universe. If you’re moping because your career plan just ain’t happening, get a grip. Go on holiday with friends or have a boozy barbecue with family. Don’t ever forget to think about and prioritise what makes you happy.

2. £2.99 eyeliner from Collection 2000 is one of the best. Lasts all day, doesn’t scratch your eyelids to death and comes out inky black.

3. J K Rowling went through hell and back before she became the mega book goddess she is today. Plus, she was 32 when she had her first book published. Just because you’re not succeeding in the way you think you should right now doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

4. Everything changes in a week. The problems and life dilemmas making you a sad Susan today will guaranteed be different in a week’s time. Maybe you’ll get an unexpected text, maybe you’ll meet someone who’ll change your perspective. Either way, you can worry and worry but only time will make things change.

5. Bath, tea, chick flick. That remedy will cure or better pretty much every situation. Remember it for your hour of need (or when you’re having one of those days when you’re sobbing relentlessly but can’t actually pinpoint what the reason is…).

6. If you’ve got oily skin you’ll tan better and suffer from less wrinkles. Yes, you’ll have to filter the shit out of your selfies, but there’s plus sides too.

7. Peppermint tea will help soothe your digestive track and will decrease bloating (and will help you go to the loo…).

8. Sleep is good. Like really good. Liv Tyler once said she stayed skinny by getting 12 hours sleep a night. So don’t feel like a moron for sacking off the gym for an early night. Leave the washing up, save that blog post for another day and feel bad about not going out for cocktails another time. Sleep is bloody important because your body heals and recovers. When have you ever seen a sleep addict with bad skin?

9. If you prefer granny pants, wear them, they’re healthier for your vagina. French knickers and thongs are both linked to cystitis and thrush, so there you go.

10. Water. Water. Water. Just drink it. Carry it around with you. When you think you need 3pm chocolate you probably just need water, when you think you have cystitis, downing pints of water will keep it at bay and when you’re drunk, necking some before bed will make you feel golden.

11. People’s lives on social media aren’t real. But you seem to think they are and then compare yourself to them, idiot. When was the last time you posted anything that showed the glaring holes in your life? Pretty much never. Remember that people are exactly the same as you.

12. 95% of leggings are see through. So when you wear them with a t-short the whole world can see your pants. In fact, at least 15 people have probably seen your pants within the last year, have a good think about that.

13 Exfoliating is GOOD for a tan. Drop your fears that you’re scrubbing your tan off. If you want your tan to last and to prevent your skin from peeling, use an exfoliating glove before, during and after your holiday. Trust me.

14. Girls in relationships gain a stone on average, so if you’re single just remember you’re winning right now.

15. Smiley faces, spaghetti hoops and chicken dippers only comes in at 600 calories. Which, considering how carby and warm it makes your belly isn’t too bad at all. It’s the same as an M&S sandwich, banana and yogurt. Save this knowledge for a down day.

16. Coffee makes you bloat. Quite badly. So don’t drink it everyday, it plays havoc with your digestive tract and will totally scupper your bikini diet.

17. And lastly, it’s totally OK to have a meltdown even when everything in your life feels perfect to the outside world. Even if you have a job, a great boyfriend, friends and family, it’s totally fine to have a little cry for no reason. It makes you female.

    • Sammie

      This is amazing. You’ve put a smile on my face to last. Made me feel 100 times better ☺️

  • This. Is. Amazing. You just made me feel totally better about a bunch of things! Amazing! Keep em coming 😉

  • This really has brought a smile to my face today…..Thank you

  • Such a cute but totally true post! x

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    I saw this today and I think it is so brilliant and had to reblog!

  • well… that was helpful 🙂

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    Very true, and one of the best meals ever at number 1.

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    definitely something all girls should know! some very enlightening points

  • This is the best post I’ve read since being on WordPress. I absolutely love it and you’ve got it down to a T. I might just have to come back and read this when I’m worrying about any of these things.

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    This is focused on female readers but it can be useful to male counterparts too. Oh, just a note, the Blogger is from the United Kingdom. They phrase slightly different than Americans.

    A few helpful translations:
    Loo = bathroom
    1 stone = 14 lbs
    spaghetti hoops = spaghetti o’s
    chicken dippers = chicken tenders or nuggets

    Otherwise, I fully agree with her post.


  • I loved your post so much that I reblogged it! I admit being American and have many American Readers that I did add a few “translations” since there are some differences in what Americans call things versus those from the United Kingdom. Thank you so much for the post. It’s very true!

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  • Number 14 is deeply troubling. How is being skinnier “winning”? You are helping to perpetuate a myth that causes eating disorders. Stop it.

    • Tom–

      Because no one likes a fatty Boris!!

      • …and what about anorexic girls with body image complexes? Yeah that’s really sexy.

    • MT

      what a way to take something out of context, girls just want to feel good about themselves! ‘Skinnier’ does not reference anorexia

    • I was wondering when someone was going to point this out. Drawing girls’ attentions to calorie contents and average weight gain and then telling girls that they ‘NEED’ to remember these things? This is what’s wrong with the world -,-

      • Rastamon

        Oh children are dying of starvation every second, 1% of the population owns 40% of the worlds wealth and this is what’s wrong with the world.

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  • laura George

    I have to say there is only one I disagreed with And that’s number 14 as a girl who’s gained weight in a relationship and struggled with it that’s do unhelpful! Why can’t we just say people need to be happy regardless of their size/weight /relationship status?

  • Getting the exciting frozen potato goods out the freezer right now. Did a number 17 in the pub the other day, that was a nice surprise.

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    Unable to sleep at 2am last night (this morning) I switched my phone on to a message from my housemate telling me I needed to read this piece. It’s 17 things every girl needs to remember at all times and I’ll guarantee you it’s a guide to staying sane if you’re stressed/ dealing with the unbearable fact that second year (or worse – third year) is over or you just generally need a little boost.
    I must re-itterate that I didn’t write this piece, I just REALLY want you all to read it. I’m glad I’ve found this amazing blog now too – the lady is a journalist so I’m sure I’ll have fun reading more of her posts.
    These are the 17 things every girl needs to remember at all times…
    Georgia x

  • Lost 4 stone during my relationship so number 14 isn’t true now is it!

    • katie


      So many things on here being picked at

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  • Pippiness

    I needed this today! Thank you : )

  • This is wonderful ^_^ It’s about time something encouraged women instead of telling them to “man-up” as if it’ll make them feel better. I especially love the last one. Crying is very over-looked and just about one of the healthiest things you can do.

  • Wow

    This is like, a whole new level of internalised sexism.

    • Ells

      EXACTLY. The amount of people who seemingly don’t realise that is completely astonishing.


  • this is bloody awesome!

  • Most accurate thing I have ever read. I’ve put on more than a stone during my current relationship, everything can most definitely change in a week and you literally can’t go wrong with smiley faces and chicken dippers.

    Jenny aka. Granny pant wearer and proud

  • whatnow

    Crying for no reason makes me… female? Did Don Draper write that last one?

  • This has cheered me up massively! 🙂 Love this post! X

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    All girls should definitely read this! 🙂

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    perfectly said

  • I don’t quite see the loss in gaining a stone, Nor do I feel we need to be adversing Positives about being single. Single or in a relationship, stone up or down you are winning. You are you.

  • Probably the most superficial thing I have ever read. Also, it’s t-shirt, not t-short. At least proof read what you write.

    • geegee

      Dude, this is quite clearly for girls.. get a life!

    • CJ

      I agree, and I’m female. It’s superficial, sexist and demeaning and I continued reading in the hope that I would get to the end and find it was a joke.

      • It’s a perfect epitome of internalized sexism and it makes me sad.

      • hpsauce

        I completely agree, so nice to find someone else who isn’t emulating sexist culture. I’m sure the author is a lovely person, not trying to offend anyone but #1…seriously? remind me which century we’re living in? Work shouldn’t be the epicentre of your universe…. fair point, we all need perspective sometimes, but why is that specific to girls? I think for men that would be called being good at your job. We demonise driven, passionate, hard working women and tell them to prioritise family and relationships..because girls are better suited to that caring emotional stuff? Please stop assigning specific characteristics to different genders, it’s ridiculous in this day and age.
        And don;t even get me started on #17…

    • KT

      Pretty sure “t-short” is a pun in that it’s a short t-shirt. Also it’s far from superficial as it’s encouraging being more urself and cheap makeup at the most

    • Nicki

      Daniel, a t-short is a short t-shirt. If u were a female u would know this term & appreciate this blog. Jog on.

    • nessagilbs

      It is supposed to say t-short. Fyi meaning a short t-shirt !!

  • Great post, really made me feel better. Yes there are some things that bother one part of me a bit (i.e. no 14), but that doesn’t mean I dont feel bad about my looks. Saying that judging people on their looks is bad doesn’t make me feel more secure about myself – not until the whole culture changes. Thank you for brightening my day!

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    Number 8 !

  • So good to read something that isn’t all ‘Girl Power!’, but just good, realistic, honest advice. And you can tell it comes from someone who knows…!

  • Claudia

    It’s nice except for two things; crying isn’t what ‘makes is female’. Our genitals and personal ideas of our own genders are what makes us female; (it’s okay for guys to cry). Also by saying that putting on one pound is bad, and the assumption that we’re all on that ‘bikini diet’ you’re reinforcing the cultural idea that females have to follow a slim beauty standard to look good, which is following the assumption that that is what girls prioritise for in the first place. Apart from these things, good post:)

  • I love this 17 kinds of a lot. Thank you 🙂 I’m off home for chicken dippers, potato smileys and spaghetti hoops!!xx

    Katy | http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  • Shannon Teasdale

    Really loved this… Made my day!

  • Really great post! I’m in my thirties and it’s still relevant to me 🙂

  • Lisa

    I would also like to add that every woman on the planet has a poo, some lucky girls get to go every day, maybe twice. Why do us ladies beat ourselves up about this fact. We hide away in the loo at work until everyone has left because we have made a bit of a stinky one. Men don’t sneak off they announce where they are going proudly and come back boasting about the size of their stools. No wonder so many women suffer from constipation. Get over it ladies

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  • love it! 🙂

  • Jam Tart

    Well this is one of the most patronising and insulting things I’ve ever read. You think being female revolves around weight and crying for no reason? If you’re struggling in your job, how exactly are you meant to afford a “holiday with the girls”? And not every woman likes chick-flicks, you know.

  • K

    This is so dumb, makes women sound like superficial airheads.

  • This is actually quite helpful for guys!

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    This last point especially was exactly what I needed to read.
    It’s all good guys, life’s a spectacle, life’s a journey, you can’t avoid it, you can’t beat it so live it and enjoy it!!

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  • Granny Pants All The Way – oh, I like your blog. And only 600 calories! Who’d a thunk? Good times.

  • Definitely saving this for a rainy day! I feel instantly happier, so thanks 🙂

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    love this 🙂

  • Brilliant post, I love love love number 1!

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

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    • if you like this, please check out my blog and if you like it pass it on! I am an aspiring college writer.

      • Shivy

        Hi, I know you’re getting loads of responses but i just wanted to thank you so much for this article… I’m having a sit down in the shower and weep for no reason kinda day, it was nice to know I’m not completely alone in this! You’re a great writer, keep it up! Also would love to pin this on pinterest but I don’t know how when there’s no pinterest symbol, simply love this piece!

  • ShaSaleem

    I never leave comments. For anything.

    but you have said things that directly addressed most of whats been making me slip into wjat I can only describe as a depression.

    thank you.

    You’re a wonderful writer. even jk Rowling has never made me feel the way you did with this piece.

    • SarahSarahSarah

      This comment makes me happy!

    • Hollie McCarthy

      This type of peddled shit is designed to hit maximum target audience numbers, none of it is specific it’s all just extremely generalised crap. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound dismissive, but if you think this article is describing depression, then you don’t have depression. Depression is a black hole you’ll never have the energy to crawl out from.

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    Smiley faces for frowny face days. Epic.

  • Jessie

    The post itself is perpetuating these ridiculous gender stereotypes. However, what concerns me more is the amount of positive comments on here for a post which revolves around supporting negative views of women. You’re the person who encourages sexism in the workplace. The person who encourages your friends to diet when they already felt comfortable with how they looked. Absurd.

    • Sam

      Totally agree! I get what this article was trying to do, but I honestly just found it insulting. Suggestions based on make-up, diets and not worrying about your career because it doesn’t really matter – yikes!

    • Megs

      That is utter bull s#@t, most women feel this way and it is nice to be reminded that it is ok and turn it into a positive!

    • done

      ^^^^ It’s so worrying how many people don’t understand how SEXIST this is, and the fact that it was probably unintentional is even more worrying. No wonder our society is drenched in patriarchal bullshit when people applaud it. Ugh there’s no many things wrong with this

    • Hollie McCarthy

      Scrolled into the comments looking for a post like this, didn’t it piss you off the way it said “don’t have a breakdown today” like women are made of some perpetually emotionally vulnerable material. Oh hold it together dear it’s just another day, Wow, the women “inspired” by this crap must feel so fucking powerful right now. The people that agree to this are just perpetuating gender tropes and if they can’t see through vague “you go girl” shit like this then what benefit are they to society?

    • Ellie

      How ridiculous. She’s encouraging people to be healthy and happy, I would much rather that than your feminism crap. Men and Women are different, there’s no point pretending we’re not so we may as well stick together, be nice and help each other out.

    • Aureus

      I don’t really see how this is sexist? Exactly why there are so many positive comments. These are the minor things that girls are more likely to get upset about and so is a good article to help those who just need a little pick me up, the internet can sure be harmful to girls self esteem. Most of them can be applied to males, but then males and females view themselves differently, so a male reading this would not take what a female would from it. And no, I don’t think the author would encourage dieting when it’s unnecessary unless that friend is doing it anyway, good for them they want to get healthier, this whole article is about telling girls that it’s okay. It’s okay to be sad at times, it’s okay to feel socially inadequate, it’s okay to feel like you’re underachieving and it’s okay to indulge. Really, we need more articles like this, not telling girls to change things and so on, but to be happy and enjoy life. You’re interpretation is just plain ridiculous.

      • Grant Downs

        spot on, love – as a male I found this caused me to reflect on the fact that with “slight” wording / vocabulary changes these are just as true for men as women so sexism is ONLY in the distorted view of the critic. 🙂

      • “it’s totally fine to have a little cry for no reason. It makes you female”

        Aureus if you can’t see why someone telling you that being an unhinged emotional minefield makes you ‘female’ is sexists, then maybe you should have a chat with your mother. Or any well informed and educated female.

      • Izzy

        Although this is obviously intended to support girls and has some nice/useful points, it is sexist. Saying that crying for no reason is ‘what makes you female’ is just plain ridiculous. And really we should be teaching girls that they don’t need to calorie count or go to the gym at all, rather than saying it’s ok to eat chicken dippers and chips because it’s only 600 calories or that you’re allowed to skip the gym if it’s to get an early night. Oh and saying you’re ‘winning’ by being a stone lighter on average than girls in relationships is completely perpetuating society’s beauty standards which are very harmful to girls. I’d say that the positive comments are more showing of how pervading sexism is and how even girls don’t notice it, but yeah certainly not a ‘ridiculous interpretation’ at all.

      • Rosiejones

        I agree. Anyway, this blog is to be taken lightly, as a pick me up for anyone feeling a bit down that day. And clearly, it is working. So can everyone stop trying to analyse everything and search every detail for something that is supposedly ‘sexist’ or ‘racist’ or whatever?? I have seen this happen so many times and I am fed up! Why take everything someone else says so incredibly seriously when it is making others feel better and be healthier? It has little to no impact on you so just back off!!

    • Megan Randles

      I couldn’t agree more! I cringed all the way through.

    • Frances

      Agree completely, this article really annoyed me. To make myself feel better, I throw myself into my work, which IS one of the most important things in my life (I work with refugees and disadvantaged children. This makes me and others feel better, and it’s long term feelgood too because I am what I do, not how I look so there’s more substance to my feelgood!

    • Nicole

      What a Ridiculous Thing To Say. Most Women Are Concious Of Certain Things (Alot Of These) So Why Not Highlight Them xx

    • I was actually going to leave a comment with words to this effect. I totally agree. I can see how this article can have a positive effect *for some* women but I personally found most comments to be condescending. A poor use of sterotypes.

    • Look, IT IS OKAY to be a woman exhibiting stereotypical feminine traits, and this is what this article is telling us. I find it reassuring, rather than restrictive. As a tomboy with a big brother, I have always felt slightly ashamed of my more ‘girly’ tendencies, such as liking (some) rom-coms, general vanity about my skin and hair, and bursting into tears for no reason. They are stereotypical because they are common, and comments like yours reinforce that self-shame that I impose upon myself and I am sure I am not the only one. It’s okay to be a feminist and also to admit that many of us exhibit similar traits, which are almost exclusively feminine. I don’t think that any of those common ‘feminine’ problems mentioned in this article are inherently negative, but you have tried to make them sound like they are. The woman who wrote this article strikes me as a pretty nice lady who is trying to help out her fellow sisters, so don’t give her such a hard time eh? This kind of vitriol just makes feminists (of which I am a fiercely proud one myself) look like pretty unpleasant people. You are not helping the cause.

    • Matthew

      What the f? When are you people going to get that people of different genders, get this right, are complete DIFFERENT! If I have to point it out for you, I’m MALE I have a dangly thing between my legs, if you’re female you’ve got a vagina! I’m MALE and NATURALLY stronger than the *AVERAGE* woman, I’m ON AVERAGE better at maths and worse at English than the AVERAGE FEMALE. I don’t flipping care about sexism these are facts, men and women have different brains, different bodies and are better at different things on average! GET THE OVER IT. Difference does NOT equal inequality, you people need to get this. This does not mean that a girl cannot be stronger, (although I don’t personally know any), this does not mean that a female can’t be better at maths (a close friend of mine is way better at maths than me, two of my girl friends actually, and I study maths!) Urgh. Sexism talks drive me crazy because it’s got to the point where people can no longer accept that males and females are different. Urgh.

      • Clare Fordham

        Yes, I agree.

      • Roxy

        yeah I agree with this people are becoming so focused on “how we’re different” rather than just getting on with life! although. I do like some of the tips in this post especially about food and sleep xD

      • G

        Woah. Shouty.
        I bet you get involved in more punch-ups too.

        That’s probably your fault.

    • i agree!!

    • Oh a conversation about gender stereotypes yaayyy

    • Jessie – I too was reading the post and thinking why are there so many health-obsessed, vain, bi-polar (by the sounds of all the random crying) and fragile women out there in the world?

      But then I just had to admit that there are times when I’m one of these women… but my ‘down days’ are like.. maybe once a month or less, but usually stem from feeling homesickness since I’m currently living abroad.

      It makes me wonder how many ‘down days’ other women have, and that probably on every single day of the year, there is a woman crying about her lack of career or boyfriend who didn’t call and I do find it very pathetic, considering what women on the other face of the earth have to go through every day (such as forced marriages, exploitation in the workplace, limited human rights, etc).

      I think the Western woman needs to get a grip.

      • Gloria

        Sarah you’re right! The article is self absorbed and dwells on women being weak and insecure. Of course there are times when everyone is having a down day, but I hate articles like this which seem to presume all women have these tendencies, in my experience that’s just not true!

        For people struggling with real hardships, this superficial advice won’t solve any deep rooted problems.

  • Yes to all of them! x

  • Such an inspirational post! Absolutely love it. Great idea.

    Sarah @ theblossomcart.blogspot.co.uk

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    wonderful little bit of advice for us 20 something ladies 🙂

  • Sazzle

    My beautiful sunshine…. Your never cease to amaze or inspire me!
    I love you squillions

  • Dee W

    This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time 🙂

  • Jane

    This cropped up on my news feed at exactly the right time.
    Just the kick in the arse and the comfort that I need.
    Thank you.

  • kawaiichan

    I have been with my boyfriend for two years and have remained the same weight :/ like hell I’m gaining a stone for love.

  • if you like this, please check out my blog and if you like it pass it on! I am an aspiring college writer.

  • Realitycheck

    Never felt so sorry for another person than now ! Your life has holes in it? While you think sleeping in is good for you? No wonder!
    After I get done with my languages every day, I play the Violin, sometimes reading music for it. After that chores get done, including my garden which I love. After that I work on lyrics for hobby singing. Then I work on cooking fabulous healthy food that does not make one fat, whetted and abetted with a glass of good red wine!
    After spending several hours reading, real as well as virtual, I touch base with my totally fake online contacts, we share a few barbs of personal irrelevancy, such a photos of pets and kids and stuff, then it is time to pound the keyboard to write INTERESTING AND USEFUL things for other people to read. Later when all is done and bed beckons again, nature’s needs met, its off to dreamland for six hours! Any more makes your face look like a prune – are you LISTENING Hannah! Up early walk, feed and bathe the pets. Light breakfast of oats and fruit, and so begins another day among the living, breathing happy.

    • Kelly Cahill

      Don’t we all wish we were as perfect and virtuous as you……..jeez lady, get over yourself.

    • B
    • Hollie McCarthy

      What do you want? A cookie? What works for you may not necessarily work for someone else, and I think you’re quite obnoxious and misguided if you think the way you live your life is the “best” way or the “right” way. May I remind you that you’re not, in fact, a deity.

    • Ellie

      More than 6 hours sleep does not make you look like a prune, it makes you look good and it’s healthy, you idiot.

    • Anon

      Well isn’t your life just perfect……..

    • Grant Downs

      gee, gal – feeling sorry for you – you sound young – you will pay for this manic life you claim to live in the future 🙁

    • sazzy

      You really need to loosen up.

    • erm…

      You seem exceptionally busy. How on earth did you manage to find the time to comment on something that filled you with such contempt?

      I hope you are fulfilled in tending to your extensive daily routine. In my experience, happy people don’t tend to waste time dishing out vast servings of scorn to strangers.

    • 6 hours are u insane I need 10 minimum or I’m good for nothing. And excuse me if I’m not playing violin reading writing emails and gardening. I have a 2 yr old who keeps me busier than all that. Sleep is what keeps me going. And I don’t look like a prune

    • Bella

      Wow! You’re on of those kinds of people. Isn’t your life perfect. Isn’t everything you do better than everyone else. Want a medal? Some of us have struggles, and we don’t want to hear about how fabulous you are for ending up with the ‘perfect’ life! You sound like a pompous prick. Seriously. Don’t put something down because it isn’t helpful to you specifically. If you actually took the time to read other people comments, you would realise how helpful people are actually finding this, and many other posts like this.

    • livinghappy

      Realitycheck this is hideously condescending, insensitive and self involved. That’s great that you are living the life that makes you happy but how does that give you the right to berate others for their preferences? (sleeping in for example)

      The fact that you have taken this positive and encouraging article and used it as a platform for berating and negative attack on the writer is just sad and I wish I had never read this to know there were people like you in this world. I feel sorry for you

    • Audrey

      So this is what makes you happy. Good for you. Hannahs article reaches out to millions of women and has gone viral. It sounds like your trying to justify or convince yourself of yours

    • Nerissa

      It doesn’t matter what you do behind closed doors. That makes you happy, good. But it wouldn’t make me happy. My ideal day would be making some sushi, playing games, and watching a nice film – but I’m not saying “Are you LISTENING, Reality Check? Sushi is where it’s at – you gotta be eating it.”

      Six hours? Well, good for you that you only need six hours. The average adult needs seven, and eight is more common than seven. Nine is, personally, too much for me. But I don’t berate those who want to sleep for ten, or eleven hours.

      Who are you to be judging other people just because they’re not the same as you? You’re still gonna die, even if you do eat oats and fruit for breakfast and go for early walks. If people don’t get pleasure of doing that, then they shouldn’t do it.

      You sound like one of those people who incessantly babbles on about the virtues of everything that *you* do, whilst dismissing what other people do.

      Here’s a news flash, “Reality Check”, the only people who like people like you, are people like you.

    • Laura

      oh my word, your life is unreal. YOU must look like a prune if you get that little sleep… and why are insinuating that this article is not ‘interesting and useful’?

      you are a pompous windbag.

      • Rosiejones

        Your life sounds extremely boring.

    • Cazza

      Very late to this comment thread, but I just had to point something out…

      Am I the only person who read this as hilariously sarcastic and a complete joke of a comment pointing out the hypocrisy of this entire blog post?

      The writer of the post Hannah is telling everyone not to compare themselves to other people online, that peoples lives aren’t perfect and online life isn’t even real but then has a blog dedicated to showing off her perfectly constructed life and then writes a post of her wisdom telling everyone what to do?

  • Anon

    I agree about the sleeping. I love my sleep. I NEED my sleep and I will burn the world to the ground to get my shut eye. I have absolutely no qualms about sleeping in past noon on the weekend or not going out on Friday night because I just wanna go home and curl in bed with a good book. I also agree with #1. Life’s too short to be have your world revolve around the hamster wheel. Use up those vacation and sick days. Take an impromptu trip. Worry about how empty your bank account is later. Sure, it sounds irresponsible but I know that on my deathbed I’ll have less regrets.

  • Regina Koot

    hahahaha, had a huge melt down yesterday for no reason I was able to pinpoint (as you say) so this totally eases my “am I pregnant?” mind! no, you’re not you’re just a girl!! Love it! xx

    • Hollie McCarthy

      No, you’re not “just a girl” you’re a person, a human being, and you shouldn’t feel the need to justify your emotions by your gender or biology.

  • VE

    What a load of balls. Firstly your turning us into vacuous morons. Secondly your assuming that your seemingly shallow existance applies to us all. This pisses un the face of real women. Of course having a career is important. Im busy trying to teach my daughter that a fulfilling career is vital as when you grow up you spend most of your waking life at work. Most men i speak to prefer curves as long as your healthy who cares. Your clueless. Go home put your scotty dog pjs on and watch love actually. Leave the real world to real women.

    Yours someone who has the same measurements as the ultimate babe marilyn monroe.

    • Grant Downs

      really?? miserable life & sloppy looking as Marilyn Monroe? – pity extended for you (but not wasting a lot of time on it – your vacuous life will catch up with you.

    • Nikki Shortridge

      Hi VE, 1. What does vacuous mean? 2. Your assuming that your career driven existance applies to us all. Maybe a career is important to you, but not others. Does that make you a better person? Judging by the comment you have left, that would be a NO. Maybe your daughter doesn’t want a fulfilling career, maybe she wants to travel the world and work in bars? A “real” woman would know that you should give your kids roots AND wings. And whether or not men prefer curves or not, isn’t conforming to those standards the very thing you believe to be shallow?
      P.S Contrary to received wisdom, she was not a voluptuous size 16 – quite the opposite. While she was undeniably voluptuous – in possession of an ample bosom and a bottom that would look at home gyrating in a J-Lo video – for most of the early part of her career, she was a size 8 and even in her plumper stages, was no more than a 10. I can tell you this from experience because a few weeks ago, I tried to try on her clothes.

    • erm…

      Ironically, ‘your clueless’ should be ‘you’re clueless’.

      I think it admirable that you value work, but people are allowed their own opinions and have the freedom to prioritise what they feel is important in life.
      Please never presume to speak on behalf of womankind again. Not only is it quite the responsibility to undertake, it makes you appear very arrogant…and some of us can use punctuation correctly.

    • JP

      Please learn how to spell “you’re”!

    • wannbesannoyme

      And you are obviously so educated you can’t spell. And so stressed with your ‘fulfilling’ job that you have to take it out on the innocent writer who in all light heartedness wrote this article trying to make people feel better. Moron.

    • Sophie

      I think you mean ‘You’re useless’, and ‘You’re clueless’ etc,. Ironies aside, I think it’s wonderful if you’re encouraging your daughter to become a strong and independent working woman, but those aren’t the only women who are happy, and certainly not anymore ‘real’ than any other woman. Hopefully your daughter will do whatever makes HER happy. It’s sad that we define success as having a ‘top’ career, lots of money, and lots of shiny things we can gloat about as a result of that career. It’s not the right way, or the only way, it’s merely justified as the ‘successful’ way in our society of greed.

      I’ve leaned that success is simply happiness, so I hope you allow your daughter that. And if these things which the writer of this blog make HER happy, why do you need to try and humiliate her for that, or undermine her attempt to encourage others to feel better about themselves? You may not need that. Admittedly I am lucky enough not to need ‘that’ either, so then who are we to critique those who do- and probably make them feel 100x worse about themselves. You know? Those ‘vacuous morons’ as you oh-so-eloquently put it…

      I assume you don’t know the career of the writer of the post, and definitely not everything about her, so therefore you certainly cannot assume her ‘shallow existence’ from an article- your attack merely reveals your own issues as a human being.
      I am a feminist. I believe in equality. And, I also believe in difference. Individual difference- gender aside. It’s what makes us unique. It’s comments as you’ve made which makes people cower from admitting what they like, or what they want from life (those things can and do and are allowed to change by-the-way), for fear or appearing weak. The biggest weakness is to repress the things that YOU-the individual-enjoy or dislike etc,. in order to fit with a strong, or a fashionable trend of thought.

      • wannbesannoyme

        As a clinical psychologist I can read a good deal about people and your posts indicate anger. Lighten up. We need more easy going people in the world.

  • HAHA funny post, like how matter of fact it is. 🙂

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  • OhDear

    “When have you ever seen a sleep addict with bad skin?” …I’m a sleep addict with bad skin. If the amount if sleep you got correlated with how healthy and radiant your skin became, I would be a walking, talking lightbulb.

  • Sophie

    This article has made me livid. Hear me out – this is not about the majority of it, but your last paragraph, in particular your last sentence “…it’s totally fine to have a little cry for no reason. It makes you female”

    This sentence highlights two things that are wrong with the world:

    1) It panders to the ridiculously sexists stereotype that females have ‘wild and uncontrollable emotions’
    2) I repeat again, its SEXIST. Why do men not have the right to cry for no reason? It is because they should always be strong and unemotional? Miss Representation is right, there is a problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc45-ptHMxo

    Its true that this article is perpetuating other gender stereotypes (Jessie in an above comment), the idea that women only care about their beauty, make up and their weight, but lets be honest we all know lots of women who’s world revolves around that. It works for them, it makes them happy and I’m fine with that. It was just your last sentence, which I’m guessing you wrote because you believed it was a poignant end to your piece, ruins your article. It was a good article, as I can see from the comments above lots of people, myself included, found it an interesting read.

    I’m not looking to upset you or anyone reading this article. I just felt it was important to say this

    • Hollie McCarthy

      THANK. YOU.

    • Emotional wreck

      I’m going to disagree here. Girls do cry for no reason. Mostly around certain times of the month. I love a good cry. Most men are way do proud to cry so turn it into grumpyness. I don’t think it’s sexist at all, none of this article is. It’s clever and true to life. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a light read and uplifting and we should be proud of what makes us women, even the parts your not willing to admit are true. A good, unreasonably snotty cry over absolutely nothing does make us female.

      • Jay

        Emotional Wreck, I think what Sophie’s saying (which I agree with) is more that it shouldn’t be automatically assumed that women are more unreasonable or over-emotional than men. That is actually a sexist view. Of course there are biological differences between the sexes, but this one in particular annoys me. It’s been proven time and time again that the way we display our emotion, women and men, is far more influenced by the society we’ve grown up in than any “women cry more than men” gene or whatever. In societies where women are not expected to display emotion, they don’t. In societies where men are expected to do so, they do. The whole point of feminism in a society like ours is to combat views like this- that women should by more emotional than men, that men should be the breadwinner, that a woman’s place should be in the home, that women should care more about their appearance than men. The crucial thing here is the word ‘should’. This isn’t saying that women can’t cry, or can’t stay at home while a man works, or can’t care about their appearance. The most important thing is the right to choose, and some points in this article have automatically ignored that right. I don’t diet, but because I am a woman, this article has assumed I do. That is sexist, and is sending the message that I should be dieting. The article, specifically addressed to women, sending the message that the reader should be dieting, is sexist. Had it been addressed to dieting people, fine, but we are not all so ready to slip neatly into what an undeniably sexist society decides we should be.

      • Chopproy

        Coming from someone who’s username is ‘Emotional Wreck’! Hahahahaha! It couldn’t be more perfect.

      • Not to shit on a fellow writer, but part of me agrees with Sophie.

        I am not a crier and pride myself on being level-headed; the last time I cried was 2 years ago, when one of my best friends committed suicide (which the whole men-don’t-show-emotion b.s played a huge role in). The reason men are “too proud” to cry is because society tells them that it’s “feminine” behaviour (which, again, is bullshit).

        @EmotionalWreck: Yes, some women do get all moody and hormonal at that time of the month, but that’s not “no reason”: that’s biology. No tangible cause does not constitute ‘no reason’…. Needless to say, I’m not one of those women: when the painters are in, I’m likely lying in bed with a heat pack and a bottle of naproxen, in too much pain to even move… But no crying.

        On the plus side, I loved #3. J.K is awesome sauce, and it’s true that everyone does things differently… just because someone does something in a way that’s unconventional does not mean that they won’t reach the same end-result as someone who does it by the book (pun intended).

        /my 2 cents, for what they are worth.

        ~Laura VB.

  • These are all cutesy gender things, but please stop saying that skinny people are winning at life. I’m a year into a dream job I’ve worked really hard for, I’ve just passed my driving test and I’m in the process of buying my mum’s house. I’ve been in a relationship for the first time in 4 years very much out of choice and I don’t think the size 14 I’ve managed to maintain throughout all that time means I’m failing at life.

  • These are all cutesy gender things, but please stop saying that skinny people are winning at life. I’m a year into a dream job I’ve worked really hard for, I’ve just passed my driving test and I’m in the process of buying my mum’s house. I’ve been in a relationship for the first time in 4 years very much out of choice and I don’t think the size 14 I’ve managed to maintain throughout all that time means I’m failing at life.

  • mrconsumer

    Nice post; would be interesting to read your take on the above from a male perspective..!

  • Megs

    Dont listen to all the negative comments about “stereotypes” and “sexism” beautifuly written article which will be completely relevant to most women. I am always having these days and it feels like no one understands and I am crazy so it ia really nice to be reminded that I am normal.

    Thank you for sharing

  • Becky

    numbers 2 and 6 speak to me! Hurray for cheap make up that works and there being some benefits to being shiny faced!

  • Chantelle

    The only one I agree with is the first one. . kind of. Though, for the majority, your job is what you will spend the majority of your adult life doing so make sure you work towards a job you will both enjoy and be passionate about.

    Everything else was kind of ‘blonde bimbo female stereotype’. Like the ‘comfort’ of single women knowing they might be one stone smaller than those in a relationship.. as if single women are the ones unhappy enough in need for this kind of desperate, shallow affirmation.

    And like someone else mentioned, the comment about crying for no reason because you’re female is both condescending and counter productive to females who are trying to eradicate weak, cry-baby, emotional female stereotypes.

    I really liked the idea of an uplifting empowering post for females but unfortunately this was just a little insulting and backwards for me. It was good enough for me to read the whole thing though..

  • jill

    love this x

  • Jbomb

    i’m pretty sure all of this can apply to men as well. especially #17. regardless of age, height, job, sexual orientation, favourite egg, horoscope, etc.

  • It’s me

    Love this, such a fun, lighthearted post to read. I’m confused as to why everyone is calling you sexist, perhaps they skipped over the title ’17 things every GIRL…’ Number one is really on point. This is a great piece for the kinds of girls that click on these links to read these kinds of articles.. Not really sure what the others were hoping for, perhaps just an excuse to hate, probably in relationships and just realised they’ve put on a stone! Haha never mind ladies.. Go have some smiley faces and a bubble bath.. You’ll feel better 🙂

  • Cherry

    Sexist article pandering to ridiculous gender stereotypes. Makes us look like vacuous, shallow morons. Cheers(!)

  • anon

    There’s so many gender stereotypes in this and you’re perpetuating lots of heteronormative stuff, the last point for example totally excludes girls into girls. You’ve written some good stuff but don’t generalise, it marginalises people.

  • HarrietandLiberty

    I didn’t realise I was a feminist until I read this painfully disappointing read. A disservice to women all over the world. This may surprise you but there are some of us who strive to be more than just a skinny girlfriend. If you wrote this with the objective of inspiring women, you have let yourself down. Rosa Parks, Emilie Pankhurst and Marie Curie certainly have the edge over you when it comes to assessing role model material, but then again none of them ever wrote an online blog. Probably had bigger things to worry about then whether or not society would scorn them for looking bloated and insufficiently sunkissed.

  • This is stupid. There are plenty of situations “Bath, tea, chick flick.” will not solve. What if you were robbed and they stole all your tvs?

  • VanessaVince

    I love this, thank you!

  • Lucy

    Hannah ignore all the ridiculous comments on here stating that you are sexist and miserable some people clearly take life too seriously and your words too literally. This post put a great big smile on my face when I was having a really miserable day so for that I am grateful!

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  • HarrietandLiberty
  • OhVeryDear

    I can see exactly who i would and would not like by the comments on this, the article is based purely on gender stereotypes and the same old making women who arent 7 stone and a size 6 feel awful about themselves. Ps gender stereotyping is what my dissertation is on at uni so do not question my knowledge. Being fake and materialistic gets you nowhere. Being happy with yourself and confident in your own skin no matter what you look like makes you happy and makes you love easier. Im in a relationship and im the happiest i have been with my body and i have definitely not put on a stone.

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    This is fantastic!

  • kristen

    I could see how this is viewed as a bit sexist by the last line “it’s totally fine to have a little cry for no reason. It makes you female.”

  • Emily

    I didn’t realise I needed to be on a bikini diet?

  • Delphie

    I really like your writing, it is funny, relevant and wonderfully honest. I love that you remind us we are all human and we are allowed slip ups. The harsh and uneccesarily serious negative comments above are ridiculous! The playful style of this and the fact that you chose to use ‘girl’ in the title suggests it might be for the younger, more emotional and sensitive of females, and as long as it helps those people, who choose to embrace their gender and their feminine characteristics and might need a bit of guidance and reassurance along the way…then who cares about the others who don’t feel it represents them! You’re not going to please everyone and you’re not trying to re-write The Origin of Species here. and anyway MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT! I’m sorry, we are, completely. Sure we might overlap in places…some women have more masculine qualities and some men have more feminine qualities but GENERALLY, women are more sensitive and emotional and affectionate than men. I’m certainly not suggesting we should play up to it or that it should hinder our capability, I’m not suggesting we use it as an excuse to not work as hard or demand as much recognition and success in life. We should be taken seriously, of course, but we do have very different struggles and we ARE naturally different and the sooner we accept and celebrate that the better. Rant over! Keep writing lovely lady! Xx

  • billy

    As a male, i decided to read this because i’m always interested in understanding how some woman think – note the word some, i know people are different.. Believe me, any male who claims to understand you is lieing, the same goes for you to us however. Our biology is different, our brains are hardwired differently. That is a fact of nature, of our evolution.

    So just a my thoughts on a few points:
    2) I guess its good for a woman to know.. but i have always been confused why woman feel the need to cover their face..? I don’t understand your mindsets behind make up, but it just gives me the impression of insecurity and lies. I get the impression you are not comfortable about yourself, so you need to lie about your true appearence to make yourself feel good. Maybe this comes from society and the roles it pushes onto woman. Or maybe i’m just wrong, i have no idea to be honest, these are me thoughts feel free to respond, as i’m sure many will.

    3) Another great point “Just because you’re not succeeding in the way you think you should right now doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.”.

    4) Our lives are constantly changing and as someone who has been through hell in my life, although this is only anecdotal evidence, believe me, you can do anything you want. However bad a situation is, literally, thing’s can change in a flash. It is all about your mindset.

    5) Just confused as i have never had a moment like that, nor do i know ay male who has… crying but you don’t know why? Anyone care to explain a little more in depth..

    7) Peppermint tea / green tea are awesome.

    8) Sorry but you need to re-visit the science books. 12 hours of sleep is very unhealthy. Science has shown that between 7 and a half and 9 hours sleep a night is perfect. That’s dangerous because you are encouraging people to sleep unnatural amounts to lose weight (why do woman constantly talk about their weight??), amoungst other things. Sleep is very very important for your health, but only at the right amount.

    10) Water is awesome. Cut the shit out, stop the fizzy drinks – that shits giving you cancer.

    11) Social media is a tool for most people’s ego. They present a side of perfection and any flaws are instantly removed. This is normal, people hate the feeling of being judged on anything different other than what they want people to think. Humans are very insecure, most don’t even realise they are.

    12) Yes i can see your underwear.

    13) Why the obsession with tanning…

    14) Sorry? How insecure are females? This just gives me the impression that having that perfect model body that has been shoved in your face your whole life by society is the most important thing. Let me tell you why the girls in relationships are the ones winning, they gain weight because they actually become comfortable with not striving for this unnaturally perfect looking because they know their boyfriend things they look sexy as fuck, regardless. Seriously this article is just throwing off insecurity every other point.

    15) Possibly the biggest fail on here. Despite what you think, calories aren’t the most important thing. It is all about the QUALITY of the food you eat – the nutrients. Spaghetti hoops and chicken dippers are filled with shit. Take a look at the chemicals put into these types of foods. Get on a healthy diet. Fruit, veg, fresh food, whole grain, nuts, fish. Exercise. No, not to lose weight, but just to be healthy, live long and to reduce your chances of getting cancer and heart disease. Less weight does not mean you are healthier. You want great skin? Try eating a shit load of veg and fruit and drinking water, it will also do wonders for you energy levels and brain functions. So no, it is no where near the same as that “M&S sandwich, banana and yogurt”.

    16) Was great until i saw the words “bikini diet”. Stop making females feel insecure about themselves. Most of you look sexy as fuck, relax.

    17) “It makes you female.”. When my life was falling apart a few years ago i cried harder than i ever thought i would. Woman do cry more than men, sure, i don’t know why, but most men do cry. Not that often, and only when shit is really fucking bad, but we cry. Saying that, i have gone periods of over 6-7 years without crying.

    Some of the responses here make good points but also maybe slightly mis-understand men. You are right, men don’t feel like they can cry around others. I guess that is a male insecurity, not wanting to be weak, but it is very important to point out that it isn’t like we want to cry a lot and don’t because others are about. Most men are really relaxed and comfortable, and although this is a guess, we just handle things differently. It takes something pretty devestating to make a man cry, not because we are trying to “be” strong, but just because thats how we are. Woman are way more emotional than men and this probably has a lot to do with our evolution. Don;t get the impression we are robots though, we have emotions, but here is a secret, most males think females are pretty wild emotionally and blow things out of proportions. Also don’t ask us something if you can’t take a real answer.

    This isn’t supposed to start some bullshit gender argument by the way. I won’t be responding to any comments unless i get a truely interesting and illuminating response or question. Just thought i would leave my thoughts on the subject, although i’m sure you could ask another male and get a very different opinion on a lot of things. Please read the science books however, giving out scientifically incorrect information is dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who claims to know “what makes you X/Y gender” should be gently and firmly persuaded of the offensive and arrogant nature of their presented opinions. Yes it is positive and acceptable to share things which encourage or reinvigorate your personal life views, but importantly it must be in a space where they are suggestions which are wanted, and will not alienate Attempting to peddle your own mantras to ‘all women’ or ‘those who are female’ as the fundamentals of a gender construct is naive and I will say again, arrogant. Your own femaleness is not everyone’s femaleness or femininity.
    It is utterly your completely right to value what you want to value but don’t try to speak for others.

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    Every girl MUST read this!!!

  • Why did you have to go and spoil it with your sexist crap.

    ps- ‘Bath, tea, chick flick’, may I recommend ‘fucking, a beer and an hour of MW3’

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    I’ve only just discovered Hannah Gale but you guys should definitely check her out! Its like she’s in your brain!!
    You’re so chic!
    Much Love

  • Nikki Shortridge

    Some people actually “enjoy” moaning and cutting people to shreds then calling themselves “real” woman. If that is what you believe to be a “real” woman then I feel sorry for you. Everyone is different. Although this is not allowed as “real woman” are plus size (and that’s what men prefer anyway so we’d better stick to it, even though we apparently don’t care what they think). Make up your mind. Liked this article, hated the pompous replies. Keep up the good work. Ignore these narrow minded real women.

  • Reading some of the comments on here it would appear that some people do not have a sense of humour.

  • Melanie

    A really good, gritty honest account of how most of us feel, I love the way you say that J K Rowling didn’t publish her first novel until she was 32 years of age, makes me feel really old at 42 and I still haven’t published anything – I presume this blog post must have been aimed at a younger audience, but still really interesting.

  • Hello Hannah! I love your post. The 17 things are fabulous. My favorites: #1, 3, 7 and 8! 😉

  • Bloody brilliant.
    Thank you, you’re totally right. x

  • Kel

    Ha ha. This is very true!
    You get to 40 and realise that life is for living and having
    fun, and all these make me chuckle!
    All those criticising them must lead boring serious lives!!

  • aime

    Think people take things too seriously…
    Made me smile though and made my bus journey less boring!

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  • i was mildy amused as i read this until i got to number 9.
    “9. If you prefer granny pants, wear them, they’re healthier for your vagina. French knickers and thongs are both linked to cystitis and thrush, so there you go.”

    this is absolute rubbish, several studies have found NO links to candida (thrush) infections and underwear type, sexual behaviour or female intimate hygiene. Do NOT publish anything without the evidence to back it up, Cystitis is also NOT RELATED to any type of underwear, not wearing underwear or wearing 3 pairs all at once, yet again you should retract this statement on this Blog or whatever as this is absolute NONSENSE and scientifically NOT PROVEN, also do not end any incorrect statement with “there you go” as it sounds extremely immature.

    pity i stopped reading after the nonsense. I recommend before you publish anything as advice or fact for women you thoroughly do your research, Sciencedirect.com and Pubmed,com are good places to start. FACT.

    • Bella

      Actually, that is an opinion. So if you are going to go around telling everyone else how not to phrase things or write blogs, then maybe you should check you’re not writing ‘nonsense’ or ‘rubbish’. Also using capital letters to emphasise words is a very immature way to write – that’s what punctuation is for.

  • misseeflowers

    Hahahaha this made me laugh, so many things hit the nil on the head. Very strange how trolls take one little post that makes a lot of girls feel good and have to go off on a rant about it!! Yes i sometimes have days when i cry, yes I’ve gained exactly a stone since being with my boyfriend and yes sometimes you do just want a bath and a chick flick. Its not sexist or degrading to point this out and make you feel OK about it. so girls commenting and moaning on this post you gotta realize.. you may be some perfect girl not bothered by weight and never getting upset but around 98% of the population are not.

    • To suggest that a woman resolves her issues by stuffing her face is an incorrect female stereotype. We all (as human beings) have bad days. To suggest this is how we all deal with them is incorrect. I should also point out that everyone (male and female) is a) self conscious in some form and b) depressed in some form. Suggesting that someone must be perfect because they know how to just be an adult and get on with a problem just illustrates that you obviously conform to this terrible female sterotype. This also seems to be true of the bath and chick flick sterotypes. Chick flicks suck and a pint can go a long way.

      • Good for you. But this article was aimed at girls not everyone; the author never said that guys don’t have bad days too and don’t eat comfort food or watch movies and have baths to unwind. She has done nothing bad by writing these things and she didn’t set out to get anyone’s knickers in a twist.

  • x

    Nice try, Collection 2000

  • Crikey some people really should lighten up! This put a little smile on my face thank you Hannah 🙂 xx

  • This post was posted on Fb by someone. I had to go on Bloglovin, search for your blog and find this post just to like (heart) it – it was that good! :p I absolutely loved this post. You should write a book or something, give us some more of your knowledge 😉 🙂

  • Thank you for this post. Especially no.17. Any tips for reversing no.14!?

  • This is great. Thank you for no.17 – I can completely relate right now. And any tips to reverse no.14!?

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    I love this.

  • Love this. I’m 33, have oily skin, couldn’t hurt to have a better carreer and things are not that bad after reading this 🙂

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    This made me smile!

  • Great post, really heart-warming and a great reminder to get things into perspective. Thank you!

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    Fucking genius

  • Thank you. I was having one of those days until I read your post. Much Appreciated

  • Charlotte

    “Girls in relationships gain a stone on average, so if you’re single just remember you’re winning right now.”? I….there’s just so much wrong with this. Thin is winning? We’re all in competition for boyfriends? Are you my 90 year old nana? Just how many boys should I break up with to become the right shape?

    • DM

      Don’t be so rediculous, no body mentioned ‘thin’, just you!
      Why does everybody have to be so negative all the time..?

      • Charlotte

        Oh so sorry I didnt realise being a stone lighter had nothing at all to do with thin. I’m so silly! I might have a cry now cos Im just a girl, but its ok because a bubble bath will cure it all 🙂

    • Rosiejones

      Why be so negative? Who actually goes away from a post like that, thinking ‘God, so being thin is winning? I must suddenly become thin! This has impacted me so much!’ Er…I think not.

  • Samantha

    Fewer wrinkles not less
    Grammar a goodie to add !

  • Kate

    Could have done without references to being skinny and weight the main thing women need to remember is they are beautiful any shape and size

  • Love this post, some people are clearly not taking it for the light hearted humour it was intended as.

    These people need to get a life!

    I was having a shitty day till I read this, and if it can make one person smile I say it has served it’s purpose xx

  • Sarah

    This post came just on the right day. I’m 40 and still have meltdowns and ‘oh crap what’s going on with my career/life’ days, pretty regularly actually, so it was great to read your post and feel better and not be so hard on myself. Thanks!

  • Marina

    Thanks for the gender stereo typing.

  • Niki

    Aside from the great 600 calorie news, this was a distressing read. I’m going to have a bath, a cup of tea and watch Love Actually until I’ve forgotten how upset I am. Then I’m going to sleep for 15 hours because the career I love in what I’ve wanted to do since I was 4 years old means nothing so why should I get up and go to work tomorrow?! When I do wake up, I’ll wonder why I’m crying for no reason, even though I have a great job, family and boyfriend etc… Then I’ll wait for a week for everything to change without any motivation or action on my part. After that week, I’ll realise I’m a lesbian and because apparently all these issues are only encountered by heterosexual women either desperate for a boyfriend or slowly becoming plump, water-logged girlfriends, I’ll finally be free of my perpetually bloated coffee belly in my leggings that are miraculously not 100% see through. Although this will be a shame, as I’ll have a cracking arse after dropping a stone ‘cos I got rid of that seacow-enabling boyfriend of mine for a healthy fanny (she wears granny knickers ‘cos those are the ONLY kind of cotton underwear you can buy, obviously).

    But to be fair, I suppose the real thing about this article that bothers me most is that I spent £20 on eyeliner today when I could’ve just gone to ‘Collection 2000’ and dropped £2.99 on a product of similar quality that does the same thing. At least I didn’t get irrationally annoyed at JK Rowling for so far being more successful in her career than me, thanks to point number 1. Oops… did I just forget to make my life sound awesome via social media by admitting I’m still striving to achieve more ‘cos I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done? Oh well, I’m going on holiday next week – I’ll just make sure I exfoliate so that I get a glowing tan then post loads of selfies where I look all golden and happy (but you won’t notice my oily skin ‘cos I sure know how to use those filters).

    I do not care to be a troll, it is not a nice thing to do. And I am sure some women read this and felt better that other women also experience the same things in their lives. Indeed, many women above have commented that they ‘needed’ to read this right now. But I wanted to flag that what seems light-hearted and frivolous advice is actually reinforcing many negative attitudes in its total lack of self awareness. While it’s a wonderful sentiment to reach out and make anyone feel better about themselves, and I’m sure this was posted with the best of intentions, it’s precisely the sort of thing that perpetuates the myth that we are all hysterical sodden lumps who are only interested in how men perceive us. I suppose some of us are. But so many of us are not… And normally I would read something like this and think – there is no point in being publicly critical of this because it will change nothing. But as you work in the media where these myths are constantly circulated in numerous rehashed forms, perhaps there is a point this time. Perhaps you’ll think about women in more diverse terms and celebrate our differences rather than assume we are all the same. And in turn, others might too.

    Seriously though – I will try out that £2.99 eyeliner if it’s as good as you say it is. And good shout on the peppermint tea – it really is brill. I know many boys who like it too.

    • Jamie Crown

      A) Great comment.

      B) Peppermint tea loosens smooth muscle in the gut. In other words, it relaxes and everything flows out. If you want to fart in the office and fight with gas, I suggest you drink peppermint tea when you’re at home.

    • If I could 1UP this, I would. My sentiments exactly. I tip my hat to you.

      • Buchan, Kate

        Please can I stop receiving alerts when new comment added? thanks

    • Laura

      Brilliantly said. I do hope Hannah Gale takes note, as we do not need her spreading this one-sided view of females to the general Metro-reading public!!

    • NB

      Here, here!! Fantastic response! I got too carried away with mine.

  • I love this! It kind of puts things in to perspective sometimes, especially being a girl. It´s okay to have meltdowns even when everything on the outside seems to be perfect. It´s those pesky hormones taking over again. I do think you forgot one though: chocolate always helps, but always in moderation 😀

  • Stacie

    Oh my god!!
    People seriously you should all stop taking life so seriously, no body gets out alive anyway! If you have nothing nice to say don’t say any thing at all, I think you all need to take some time out to think about what’s really making you all so angry no have to lash out at some one you don’t know from Adam, maybe you need a bath tea and a chick flick? Or a good cry for no reason!?!
    This post seriously made me smile it was clearly written lightheartedly thank you for putting a smile on my face! Xx

    • agreed and well put! 🙂

  • Lucy Goose

    I agree on most things but exfoliating? Really? Maybe it’s because I’m abiologist but in my opinion that dead skin is there for a reason, to protect the layer of new skin underneath. Therefore constantly removing that dead skin means the skin underneath will age quicker and die leading to a self perpetuating problem. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’ve alway thought this but not many people I’ve talked to do.

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  • Karla

    I understand what this article is trying to convey but it’s not quite there for me. Most of the positive comments about this article point out that it’s just nice and trying to make everyone feel better – but it doesn’t really. I took offence to #14. I am in a relationship, so does that mean I’m not ‘winning’? Winning at what? You say not to compare yourself to others, yet stating that one person is winning over another because of weight gain is a comparison. If I were you I would either take that point out, reword it, or change it to apply to everyone – single or in a relationship.
    I did really like some of the points though. People can leave positive and negative feedback – you just need to cherry pick the comments that will help you grow as a writer.

    • Bella

      #14 was obviously intended to make single girls feel better as the general ‘goal’ is to be in a relationship. I interpreted it like the grass isn’t always greener! Also I put on a stone and a half after 6 months with my boyfriend, so I see the point. Not many people want to put weight on, no matter their original weight, be it 8st or 18st.

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    Good read

  • it is very nice

  • Audrey

    Wow, I read this and related to lots, had a giggle and felt great Im not alone.Then I read some of the comments. Wow. I think this article is real & genuine and very sex and the city. Keep writing. You would a great blogger or magazine writer. I rarely comment on these things but felt it neccesary when I read some of the comments. I feel sorry for these angry people upset by this article. Why so angry? Even if you dont relate or agree. My guess is you are not very happy peopke looking to take out your frustrations. Negativity breathes ngeativity. This writer has a positive charm. Id love to read more from you!

    • Vicky

      Ha I think its more the case that I am a happy person and that I find the advice so superficial and degrading! I don’t need to cry for no reason because I am female for goodness sake. And if ‘my career plan wasn’t working’ and I quit my job, how would I afford that holiday with friends?

      The poor girl who wrote this article doesn’t have a clue about real life, she’s living in a dream world. But she’s young and has a lot to learn.

  • Jamie Crown

    This is fucking awful. And the ‘World’s cringiest/most vapid blog’ award goes to…

  • Ian

    I seriously want to gouge my eyes out after reading this. Shame on you.

  • Reblogged this on The world at my feet, Bim in my heart and commented:
    I read this when I was feeling a bit low after a relentless, yet unsuccessful job hunt and weeks on end of essays and exams that just weren’t going the way I wanted to them. I thought it might make others feel a little more cheery inside too, so definitely worth a share. I hope you enjoy it as much I did!

  • alpineniks

    So much hatred spewing out of mouths…..? Take it easy ladies….!

  • Sia

    So according to these comments I am a ‘bad woman’ for liking this post. If you hadn’t noticed, everything you say on the internet can be taken and used against you (like I just did) so if you didn’t like something, just leave it be. This post has gone viral because so many people (not just women, calm on down) have found something (not every single point) to relate with. How about you stop berating the author and go write a book on gender equality if it means so much to you.

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  • Lisa

    Just an honest question for number 14 (girls in relationships gain a stone on average)
    Do you have a reference for the study you sourced this information from? If you do I’d be interested to read it however it does come across as though your generalising females (perhaps, in your peripheral). Also I think it comes across a little pathetic to imply those who are single are “winning”.

  • Reblogged this on Being Sharon Greenwood and commented:
    This made me smile on a gloomy Friday morning – going to do #17 and then go get some spaghetti hoops!

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  • Sadly, I knew as I read this that there’d be some sort of negative feminist objections to it ( not saying feminism is negative- but these sorts of comments are in my view).
    It’s just a nice light- hearted piece written by a woman for women. Women will always have hang-ups and care about the way they look etc. I’m not saying all women and I’m not saying that that’s a good thing but the fact of the matter is that is it actually natural for us to want to look what we view as ” good”. Some forms of feminism seem to be trying to quash all differences between men and women, ignoring that there are usually factual biological/chemical/hormonal differences between us which we could actually choose to celebrate. These are natural instincts which are then channelled by cultural and social norms.They exist whether it’s socially normal to shave your legs or to have long hairs on your legs, women want to do whatever makes them be percieved as more attractive within their society. If you are a woman who chooses to go against these social norms then good on you and everyone should support and fully accept that…but what I object to is those who try and dictate to the majority of women about what to do or how they should feel or act ( and if you don’t agree with them, they assume you must be ignorant or uneducated!)

  • Maya

    I did love this article but I have one disagreement.

    Having a ‘little cry’ doesn’t make you ‘female’- it makes you human

  • I see this has meant different things to different people, I appreciate what this article is, a funny, lighthearted and comforting piece of work. This girl is clearly talented and a valued writer.

    The first point however was not for me at all, I disagreed so strongly I wrote about it, but then decided to create my own list of 17 things with a bit more grit, heart and soul. – http://www.katyjadedobson.wordpress.com, not to oppose this article but to provide a set of tips on a deeper level that the negative comment writes might appreciate.

  • Perfect! Yay for number 8, and…well, for all of them. 🙂

  • Abby

    more importantly than making you female, it makes you HUMAN,

  • Hannah this post made me chuckle, it might not 100% apply to my life but I can relate to some of your points! I think a few people need to lighten up and let go of the negativity. I really liked the point you make how its ok to not have your career all figured out, life is about living and the simple joys we experience as individuals, something I often forget when comparing myself to those friends who appear to have it all figured out! Yes I would love to be successful in a career, but right now while i’m still working it all out i’m happy to be successful in enjoying my life, friends, family and travel, my parents are pretty proud of this attitude!
    Right now i’m going to drink some water and get a good dose of that beauty sleep as I exhausted myself having an irrational cry! x

  • 10 water: you need to clarify clean/unfluoridated water not fluoridated water. Drinking/eating enough of unfluoridated water is good, but drinking/eating alot of fluoridated water is harmful to health/ability. (Fluoridated seems worse for premature aging (wrinckles?), etc too.)
    & 8 sleep: my experience is that i sleep worse on fluoridated water and sleep better on unfluoridated.

    9/12 clothes: from my mother (& my own experience) natural clothes seem better than artificial/blend?

    (1)/3/4/5: some of us have no hope without God &/or friends/family/love/help.

    Various: love etc shouldn’t be too much materialistic (wrinckles, tan, skinny, adventures, etc).

    (had a few other possible comments but those ones were best/enough.)

  • 10 water: you need to clarify clean/unfluoridated water not fluoridated water. Drinking/eating enough of unfluoridated water is good, but drinking/eating alot of fluoridated water is harmful to health/ability. (Fluoridated seems worse for premature aging (wrinckles?), etc too.)
    & 8 sleep: my experience is that i sleep worse on fluoridated water and sleep better on unfluoridated.

    9/12 clothes: from my mother (& my own experience) natural clothes seem better than artificial/blend?

    (1)/3/4/5: some of us have no hope without God &/or friends/family/love/help.

    Various: love etc shouldn’t be too much materialistic (wrinckles, tan, skinny, adventures, etc).

    (had a few other possible comments but those ones were best/enough.)

    (tried posting comment but didn’t seem to post so trying again, sorry if get 2.)

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  • I absolutely agree with this post, Mate. My girlfriend should know this.

  • bath, tea and chick flick are my trick to soothe the stress too.


  • Wow! You got a lot of controversy in just a little simple advice. Good job!

  • niamh

    This is the one of the worst things i have ever read. number 14 actually makes me gag and if you are as shallow as this piece makes you sound then get off the internet as this is only encouraging low self esteem and competition between women.

    • Kelly

      Hear hear.

  • I thought it was very interesting and I did take it as sarcasm. However, as a mental health blogger I feel it necessary to just say “Be Careful” with what you write. When people are down, sometimes they can’t just “get a grip” as you say. If they do indeed have a mental illness, it can take quite a bit more. So, just check out some places (I’m sure there are plenty in London, being such a large town) and just get some information. If you don’t want to do that, I can always email you some info. This reply is not meant to be a judgement on you at all. Thanks. bravelybipolar.wordpress.com

  • NB

    I think this is kind of bollocks and just made to make you feel better. I don’t give a crap about going to the gym, so what if I’m in a relationship and gain a stone? who fucking cares? You shouldn’t because its none of your effing business. Now go focus on yourself and your tan and your gym and leave other people alone.

    P.s. apologies for sounding like a bitch, but this is quite an annoying article and may not actually apply to the masses as you seem to think it does. Not all girls only think about their weight, their tan and their love life.

    • NB

      Once again, apologies for the swearing, I know this article aims to make girls feel better, but it does seem to do the opposite. Girls should be encouraged to wear and eat what they want, when they want, and not to follow silly celeb routines (Liv Tyler is probably skinny because the 12 hours she spent sleeping denied her of eating time). Girls should not be encouraged to compare themselves with each other constantly and so what if they are single? They shouldn’t be encouraged to dislike people who are in relationships and feel lucky that they are not, they should instead be encouraged to live their lives the way they want to make themselves happy and not care what other people think. Follow your own rules to make yourself feel better, surround yourself with people who make you feel good and happy and healthy. Stop worrying.

      • chloe

        I thought the exact same, thank you.

  • Sandy

    ‘Girls in relationships gain a stone on average, so if you’re single just remember you’re winning right now.’

    Oh great, so I’m losing because I weigh a stone more than my single friends? Your article is supposedly there to make us poor girls not worry and just to be happy and skip around yippee. But actually you throw points in like this one which contradict your mantra?

    Who is this article even for!? Not all women are vain and self absorbed!!!!!!

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  • This is gorgeous. I am so buying an exfoliating glove…

  • Danielle

    I’ve reblogged this 🙂 amazing post! daniellebevan.blogspot.com x

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  • Yes to 12! After long shunning it I am accepting that others (I don’t have the confidence to do so) wearing leggings with shorts is cool, but dear lord please find some that don’t go see through – they do exist! and if all else fails, remember – white pants and black leggings rarely ends well! Especially cheapy primark buys

  • kshenya

    I love it, especially the last part 🙂

  • I seldom create responses, however i did some searching and wound up here 17
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  • Michael

    This is stunningly bad. Apparently women shouldn’t worry about their careers, should spend most of their time thinking about their appearance or weight (and yet still eat unhealthily) and every once in a while, have a cry for no reason, lest they seem un-female. As a guy I actually found this lazy sexism really offensive. Please reconsider the implications behind what you’ve said here.

    • chloe

      I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks this.
      Sometimes I feel so alone in how society s**t on women and encourage our irrational insecurities like being as skinny as possible.

  • tilly

    F u hannah and your stupid ideas. Girls cant just cry for the sake of it same as boys cant. it’s called depression

  • chloe

    I like some of the points made.
    HOWEVER the whole underlying tone that being skinny and dieting is the goal.

    I really expected there to be a point on don’t worry about your weight not it’s only 600 calories.

  • absolutely love this, really made me chuckle!! following you lovely 🙂 xx good luck with the blog xx

  • This is a brilliant post! Someone I know posted it on FB and I’m so glad they did.

    Thanks for this! 🙂 xx

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  • I loved this – thanks for sharing! Also smiley faces, spaghetti hoops and chicken dippers is the dream combo. Mash is also rad!

  • Melanie Rich

    Thank you, you have really made me smile!

  • Best list ever.

  • Pip

    Lovely post, but like so many of these very heteronormative. Not all girls want a ‘boyfriend’, with just a few tweaks this post could be more universal and just fantastic.

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  • Amy

    This was good until it wasn’t. Not every woman wants a tan, Not every woman wants to loose weight. Not every woman cares about people seeing their pants. Not every woman wants a boyfriend. Not every woman cares about makeup. Not every woman over thinks social media. Not every woman is cis gendered. If your going to write a blog post about what every “person” needs to remember stick to numbers: 1, 3, 4 and 10. As well as aspects of 8 and 11. The rest are complete shit.

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  • Anon

    I couldn’t have read this at a better time. To me personally, all of these apply! This is such a good article.

    I wish people would stop being so bloody touchy. Seriously? Like it or not, this post is relevant to so many women. Okay, some of them might be a little stereo typical, but it doesn’t make them any less true. Even if you don’t quite agree with what was being said, at least appreciate that there is somebody out there who wanted to make a post to make people feel better. To me, that is quite amazing. Being a woman is challenging for many reasons, as i’m sure being a man is too, so why dig at someone because they’re trying to offer support?

    The author is telling people that it’s okay to cry if you have too. That there are perks to being single. That you shouldn’t feel bad because you want to eat ‘bad’ food. That you should make time for love and happiness. What a horrible person, trying to make people feel better. Jeez.

    Of course people are allowed their own opinions, but all i’m asking is that some of you realize this author was just trying to help.

    Seriously people. Get a grip. Everybody love everybody xo

  • Laura

    This was a nice touching blog post, apart from the part where you said girls with boyfriends put on a stone, and therefore we are ‘losing’. Thanks, that’s great for my eating disorder. I was always paranoid about that, asking my boyfriend if I had put on weight. Scared that I had because I was in a relationship. I’m past it now and recovering, but maybe think about the way you say single girls are winning because they’re skinny. Skinny isn’t winning and I think it’s unfair to say I’m losing.

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  • I really like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work
    and reporting! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

  • Vanessa

    This is exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you for your blog and wonderful lists.

  • Best post I’ve read in a while! It should feature in Cosmopolitan! Made me chuckle 🙂 xxx

  • Lucy

    Just found your blog and this is the cutest post idea! I love these, especially the one about having smiley faces and dippers 🙂 AMAZING.
    Lucy xoxo


  • I think this will forever be my favourite blog post, number 15 made my day!!

  • I think this is exactly what some people need. Some people are taking it the wrong way but I think they need to get over it because it is a such a good post <3

    Katie xx


  • Love the putting on weight in relationships one… made me feel much better, teehee! Love this post.

  • Love the one about putting on weight in relationships… made me feel much better 😉 Love this post,

  • This is really comforting to read!

    Jemima x

  • alba

    Tasty!! For breakfast inspiration check https://fromalbawithlove.com

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  • I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say how brilliant it is and how perfect it is to my life right now! I honestly feel so much better just reading this post and being reminded of some really important things!

    Thanks Hannah!


    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

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  • This is all so true! Love your blog it is beautiful!
    Pleade visit mine and let me know what you think? It started off as a Vegan blog but now Im doing everyday thoughts, you have inspired me to do a post like this! (relaxedrabbit.blogspot)

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