Go on, take a sneak peek inside my London flat…

Anyone who lives in a rented property will know how much of a nightmare it is to decorate. Not only do you have to contend with the current state of decor – hello moss-green carpet and net curtains – but you can’t do anything exciting like put holes in the wall. Sigh.

I struggle on a daily basis to like anything in my flat, probably because I spend so much time pouring over Pinterest. It’s bloomin’ depressing right?

But there are a few pieces, a few corners, nooks and crannies that don’t make me want to kill myself/move into the recycling bin outside/paint my walls black.

Come on, have a little look…

I’m lucky that my flat is from the Victorian era and still has some of the traditional features. In my kitchen i’ve got this built-in fireplace and behind the table is the remains of an amazing old oven. Sad face that I can’t see it.


I’ve also got an amazing built-in shelving unit/side board, which, unfortunately has been modernised with tacky drawer handles.

It makes for an amazing place to show off my photos – slightly more elegant than making a collage on my wall with Blue Tac…


Photos and frames: various, glasses: Tesco

I developed a harrowing addiction to cushions whilst at university and feel to guilty about throwing them out. So I’ve taken to placing them in places that really don’t require them…


Cushions: Primark


These are a few of my favourite kitchen trinkets. I love jars and pots, and save jam jars and anything that can be used for storage. These glass jars cost 50p each from Tiger in Stratford and a currently storing my curry herbs in them, obvs.


Glass jars: Tiger, polka dot place mats: Laura Ashley, cupcake tin: Tesco

I love clustering vases and candles and pretty glass pots together – especially with fresh blooms. Below is a pretty Moroccan lamp from the lovely people at Herbal Essences, whilst the yellow jar is a vintage piece passed down from Nanny Gale.


My bedroom has an equally Victorian theme – I’m obsessed with my original fireplace.


This is probably one of my favourite pictures in my flat – a vintage map of Manhattan that I picked up at a flea market in Brooklyn last year. Here i’ve displayed it along with some of my tea glasses from Marrakech.


Honestly, my candles are a mixture of gifts and freebies from my time at LOOK. My brass photo frame was a piece I bought on eBay a few years ago, whilst the pretty fresh flowers were a surprise gift from my boyfriend. *Inserts incredibly smug face*


This is my latest favourite thing. My leaving card from the lovely LOOK ladies, framed in a £3 frame from a Suffolk car boot. The woman who sold it to me thought I was genuinely interested in the Raphael painting that came with is. Bless.


I’ve always been rubbish at using clothes as feature pieces, but this Inspired By kimono from Miss Selfridge is undoubtedly the prettiest, sparkliest, most exciting thing I’ve ever owned.


Kimono: Miss Selfridge

I’ve doubled it up as a place to store the jewellery I no longer wear but can’t myself to get rid of…


Kimono: Miss Selfridge

This isn’t the most exciting piece, but it was the treat I bought myself after LOOK.co.uk won website of the year at the IPC Media Awards in 2013.


Print: NotOnTheHighStreet.co.uk

My bedside table is looking a little drab at the moment. I want some exciting and bright books to add to the illusion. My canvas was a £3 buy from a sale in Cambridge back in 2008, whilst my tins and books are a combination of gifts and car boot finds.


Finally, my bathroom. My bathroom is an utter mess. Like, it’s disgusting. My cat manages to get her litter all over the place, and I have an endless pile of towels from different visiting guests. The one teeny place that doesn’t bring me sadness is this little cub of organisation next to my bath…


I’m hoping i’ll get time this summer to spend lots more time at car boots – half for the yummy cakes and half so I can rummage for more vases, more trinkets and more pretty rubbish.

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