Five Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Lime pickle.

If you’re not already happily slopping lime pickle onto anything remotely associated with Indian food (chicken, peppers, hell it’ll probs taste good on bread) then you, my friend, are going seriously wrong in life.

Go to Sainsbury’s, buy some, eat some, be happy forever.

It is seriously good. In fact, it makes mango chutney look like a patch of dirt.




Pet Angel Brush

Firstly it’s pink and shimmery, secondly, it brushes my hair as well as it does Rudey’s. oh, wait, was I not supposed to try it out? My bad. Yes it looks pretty and yes it has antibacterial qualities, but mostly it makes my cat’s fur so glossy and silky that I want to cut it off and put it on my head. Sort of. Not really. Don’t call the NSPCC plz.



New job.

Been working at It’s all over my social media? I had NO idea. Yes I’m annoying, but sometimes my own work makes me laugh so much that I snort out loud in the office and so I HAVE to tweet it. Lolz. I’m mostly doing the same comedy gold that I’ve been known to do on my blog, so do read my best bits and please avoid harassing me on Twitter and telling me to die. And yes, that was aimed at you, The Wanted fans. What even are you?

Fave piece so far is probs this:





Been buying lots of shoes. LOL. Got no money but got lots of new shoes that make my feet bleed and pus in different areas. So yep, there’s that.

Flat shoes that are actually more painful than heels. Sad face.

New Look pastel babies that I’ve already worn three times which is probably a new record for me and heels. High five me, someone.

And these, the Kate Spade heels of my dreams. Reduced from $370 dollars down to about £60, they are pretty much the best thing about 2014 so far. They’re from my darling trip to New York last month, and I hunted them out in the Woodbury Common Outlets. I’ve been wearing them to every work-related event and interview. Because wouldn’t you hire someone in these little sexies?



You know when jeans make you want to kill yourself? Yeah, we’ll I’ve got a pair that don’t. IT’S NOT A MYTH. Mine are from New Look’s premium denim range and they’re stretchy and high waisted which means I can tuck both my back fat and gunt into them which is dead handy. They don’t make me chaff, turn my belongings blue or get so tight after a wash that I have to do some sort of elaborate tribal dance to get into them. Who wins? I do.



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