You’ve probably seen #100daysofhappiness on social media and you’ve probably thought it’s pretty lame. That, or an excuse to upload to Instagram every single day. Shocker, I thought both. JUST THINK HOW MANY LIKES I MIGHT GET. WILL I GET NEW FOLLOWERS? OH EM GEE.

So, i’m jumping aboard the wagon. Obviously.

The aim is to find at least one picture-perfect moment of happiness in every single day for 100 days. I think it sounds sort of easy. I’ve gone as far as searching other people’s using the hashtag and am thoroughly amused by people’s poor photo angles and filter choices. Come on chaps, at least do it with a bit of dignity.

I realise I am definitely not supposed to be mocking people on their journeys to a warm, fuzzy heart, but it’s like they’re not even trying. Not really. It’s like “here’s an old photo of my dog, my dog makes me happy”. Don’t be lazy, go out and do something that exhilarates you. Read a good book, bake a cake, have a candlelit bath. Give yourself a well-deserved moment of happiness. Dont just rely on photos you already have on your phone. Even if that beach in Koh Phi Phi is bloody beautiful…

Those that know me best, know that I don’t always find happiness easy. I’m a dweller. I pick up the big things like my lack of money, my boyfriend living 70 miles in one direction and my best friends living 60 in the other and my inability to decide on my next career move, and let it drag me right down. We all do it, you can admit it. Those things we so call the big things, sometimes feel entirely all-consuming. Like they are the only things in our lives.

They’re not.

We overlook the small things, the shared moments that make us giggle, the texts that make us smile, and the times that make us feel deeply content. We forget that those are the big things. The big things that actually matter, the things that make us exist as people. The little moments that added together make up a whole day.

So you can think I’m a bit of a loser, but I’m doing my 100 days of happiness to prove that every day is bloomin brilliant. It is an excuse to take the time to acknowledge that it’s bloomin brilliant, rather than letting it slide on by because I’m busy having a meltdown over my rent. Because even in the worst, most horrendously exhausting days, there is always a moment that will warm your insides. Always.

So here I am, telling mental illness and bad moods to go do one. Life really is too short.



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