42 Things All Noughties Teenagers Will Remember


1. Smirnoff Ice, WKD and Archers. Tiny bottles of sugary alcohol that made you talk to boys, throw up and get told off by your parents. Goody.

2. Spending an entire week waiting for the next episode of The O.C. Fancying Seth Cohen, wanting to be Summer Roberts, and feeling awkwardly not sad when Marisa died. Oh.

3. Stripy highlights. Big blonde chunky strips through your over-straightened hair that made you look like the fourth member of Atomic Kitten, the somewhat cooler version of Kerry Katona.

4. Denim everything. Denim jackets, the perfect denim mini skirt, denim pedal pushers, denim handbags. Firmly believing Bewitched were on to something.

5. Teaming said denim mini skirt with (faux) UGG boots, dolly shoes or bright pink Converse and feeling like you’d finally nailed looking cool on non-school uniform day. Well done you, high five. All the boys will fancy you now.

6. Finishing off said ensemble with a super slicked back ponytail that took at least ten minutes to perfect, as well as half a can of hairspray, three scoops of mousse, a comb and two brushes. Then, teasing two strands of hair out. Chav chic nailed to an absolute tee.

7. Begging your mum for a belly button piercing and then wearing crop tops that displayed your emerging alcopop gut forevermore. In a dreamy world you’d have the dangliest, sparkliest belly bar out of everyone in school.

8. Inflatable chairs. Inflatable chairs that you sat on once.

9. Spending months pining over JD’s new McKenzie and Nickelson pieces. Must. Have. New. Baby. Blue. Hoodie.

10. Pay As You Go mobiles. One good solid all-evening text convo with a boy totally rinsed your credit and you’d not be able to contact anyone for a week (apart from on the landline, obvs).

11. Texting said boy on your Nokia 3310. The same Nokia 3310 that had a week long battery life. Dreamy.

12. Going to McDonalds after school just to hang, and devouring a Chicken Premiere. The queen of all the Extra Value Meals, RIP.

13. MSN Messenger. All evening, every evening.

14. Spending days picking the perfect dramatic-yet subtle-song lyrics for your MSN name.

15. Spending a similar amount of time determining your top 12 MySpace friends, sorting out the HTML to your profile background and choosing a profile page song. I mean, yeah, you definitely spent the same amount of time on your homework, so there’s that.

16. Putting a boy’s name in hearts in your MSN name. That, ladies, was when you knew you were definitely in there. Nice work.

17. Having to end an MSN conversation because your mum needed to make a call on the landline. BUT NOW HOW WILL I FLIRT WITH MY SCHOOL CRUSH?!? Evening ruined. Huff.

18. School books. Could be carried in a drawstring JD bag. Could also be carrier in a teeny tiny bag that only had room for cigarettes, a chewed pen, gum and one rolled up book.

19. Buffalo trainers with FLAMES on the side. Enough said.

20. Collecting smelly gel pens. Although not being able to write in the banana or coconut scented ones because they was basically white. Good one, pen company people. Good one.

21. Wasting (totally not wasting) entire weeks of your life to The Sims. Making the perfect family, setting your house on fire, having your children taken away by social services and wanting Mortimer Goff to fuck the hell off.

22. Relying on Destiny’s Child, Ashanti, JoJo and The Sugababes for life advice. And though my heart can’t take no more, I keep on running back to you.

23. Reading Jacqueline Wilson’s Girls In Love, Girls Under Pressure and Girls Out Late. Then being thoroughly confused and upset by the TV version. WHAT ARE YOU?! Why is Ellie not fat? Why Is Magda black?

24. Being groomed on Habbo Hotel. Oh.

25. *SPOILER ALERT* That moment when Zoe Slater found out Kat Slater was her mum.

26. Knowing one friend that got so paralytic they had to get their stomach pumped. And being thoroughly glad it wasn’t you and you weren’t grounded.

27. Plucking your eyebrows so that they were one thin line, made up of approximately 7 hairs. Exquisite.

28. Your fave jeans were a pair you’d customised yourself with fabric triangles to change your straight-cut jeans into a very snazzy pair of flares. These were soon replaced by a pair of bootcuts with sexy written in diamantΓ© across your bum. Yep.

29. Bored on a Friday night? Nothing better than pranking people’s home phones. Teehee.

30. Your perfume cost approximately Β£5.95. Because SoKiss Me was all you needed. Thanks for that, Superdrug, you life changer.

31, Exercise consisted of your brother’s Playstation teamed with your dance mat. It’s mind-boggling that you’re not a back-up dancer for One Direction right now. Seriously, do they not know that you can dance forward, backwards, left and right?!?

32. It’s summer. What do you wear? A halter neck top complete with a New Look push up bra of course, duh. Sexy and stylish.

33. Buying all your ‘grown up’ clothes from Jane Norman. Skin-tight dresses, big plastic buckles on your tops and flared jeans. Then using the shopping bag as a very stylish overnight bag. Go you.

34. Obvs teaming the above with your heels from Faith and Dolcis.

35. That time Bombhead’s mum died in Hollyoaks he kept her body in the house for weeks. Errrrr….

36. Wearing your French knickers and thongs higher than your jeans and school trousers. Because that’s how to make boys fancy you don’t you know.

37. Feminism was Frankee’s F.U.R.B. Fuck all the cryin’ it didn’t mean jack, well guess what yo, fuck you right back.

38. Wearing your GAP jumper with pretty much every outfit for about 7 months, and being ridiculously jealous of the girl you saw around school wearing the pink version.

39. Truly believing that hoop earrings made every outfit just that little bit better.

40. Reading consisted of the best, glossiest mags ever: Elle Girl, Mizz, Sugar and Shout. They helped you through every period/customising clothes drama. Babes.

41. That moment when you realised there was a Sabrina The Teenage Witch marathon on a Saturday. Best. Day. Ever.

42. Downloading 146329 songs from LimeWire and Napster and essentially being the sole reason why HMV and Woolworths both shut down.

2000-2009, thanks for being such a jolly good sport.

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  • Absolutely brilliant.

  • This made me laugh. So many of them were so true!

  • I’m torn between “wishing Mortimer Goth would fuck the hell off” and “being groomed on Habbo Hotel”. I’m creased πŸ˜€

    • N Keel

      I met my husband on Habbo hotel :/ lol

  • Thetruthhurts

    A lot of it is just the 1990s…..d’ohhh! #numbnuts #plank

    • Lady

      So?… This list is for those who were teens in the naughties … teen years last 13 – 19 so given a span of 6 years there is plenty of scope for overlap, not forgetting that if you were a teen in this time that you may still recollect your pre-teen 90s trends. #thetruthhurts

  • This made me have so many flashbacks! SO. GOOD.

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  • Love this! Lots of memories! Oh but don’t forget the ‘Morgan’ bags at school.. and if you were really cool you’d have the one that said ‘J’adore Morgan’

    • WealthyGirl

      Looool ‘J’ adore Morgan’ so true

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  • love indulging in 00s memoriez!! ~~

  • Haha this is spot on for girls of the noughties! Makes me miss school even more!

  • Those were the days! I’ve been considering throwing a 90’s party for my friends 30th birthday as we loved growing up in the 90’s πŸ˜€

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  • Naomi

    Trouser skirts… Nuff said!

    • Denise

      Omg lol I used to love them hah

      • WealthyGirl

        Me too and block heels

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    these kind of things seem to be popping up EVERYWHERE at the minute and i can’t say i don’t love indulging in nostalgic memories of when i was 14!

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    looooool Oh my daaaays!!! This blog is truth in every sense of the word of what my teens were like!!! soo funny because I remember it all…crikey time truly does fly and I feel old!! Do any of you remember? (Brits teens will recognise this well!!)
    Check it out!
    πŸ™‚ Keeping it Real,
    The Elected Lady xx

    • Raven Sabre

      It’s quite strange to think that I only did a few of these things, being that as I recall it the social groups tended to be chavs, greebos, goths, nerds/geeks and the oh so popular slags.

      I seemed to drift between the greebo/goth social groups. Where black clothing was preferred, the baggier trousers the better, untucked school shirts and wearing your tie as loose as possible or as short and fat as possible.

      Rucksacks and barely any make up. Which got you noticed because you were not a sheep like most other people on your school. Spending most lunch times playing guitar with your mates and getting into arguments with the chavs and slags.

  • I had the Buffalo trainers with Flames!! Lol xx

  • Most of this is 90’s relevant more so than ‘noughties.
    Besides, an article targeted solely at women should not be called “42 Things *ALL* Noughties…”

    Disappointing article with nothing unique from the other 1 million and 1 “X Things Social Group Y Will Remember”. Not being “that rude internet guy”, this is just poor writing.

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  • Not being a girl, I can’t say that all of these are true for me. But numbers 21 and 42 certainly are. LimeWire — I remember setting it off downloading about 50 songs and then going out for 2 hours while it finished them…And yeah, Mortimer Goff was a twat. I’m glad I drowned him in the pool and nicked his wife.

  • bam

    This is just for straight girly girls then. ok.

  • kelly

    Love it so many memories dnt forget about the long bench jackets haha x

    • Jen

      Haha I STILL have my long Bench jacket! Didn’t realise it was that old

  • zender

    You forgot to mention that most of these are only applicable if you were a massive chav in the noughties. Mckenzie hoodys? Really?!

    • kirsten lou d

      Most were. It was the fashion of that era. The shazza’s and the Kev’s.

      • jonty

        Are you the biggest moron on here?

  • Melody

    You missed out SMTV Live!

  • Number 36 was so me lol!

  • It is FAR too early for people to start blogging nostalgically about ‘Growing up in the Noughties’ as if calling it the ‘noughties’ isn’t bad enough. This is particularly loathesome when you consider most of the blogged ‘remember when’ items are actually from the nineties. You can’t just make stuff up. Buckaroo!

    This is a period of time that ended less than 5 years ago! I know,5 years ago! Did they have outside toilets? Was anyone even alive then? Why are people in their twenties so keen to look back and reminisce? Tizwaz! You really don’t have the right yet, because, well, you’re in your twenties. If i see ONE noughties bar open in Liverpool then i’m relocating to Stoke or Birkenhead or somewhere else in the relative bliss of pre-2000s England.

    • April

      It’s fun to look back. I was 13/14 then and 22 now so I am a lot different and fashion had definitely changed. So have a lot of things. So get off of your high horse it’s a bit of fun.

      • Nope. Staying on my high horse. Miles better than being on the ground with all the empty alcopops and whatnot.

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  • H

    I wouldn’t say this was all teenagers tbh. I didn’t do most of this shit because I wasn’t a chav.

    • Kat

      Glad to see I’m not the only non-chav here!

      • Charlotte

        I’m not a chav, but I had a nickleson and a mackenzie top and hoodie. Don’t stereotype. I wouldn’t say most if those things were necessarily what only chavs did. I’m pretty sure chavs didn’t play sims or habbo hotel. Oh well.

  • Alix

    This is so true.
    No 27. About the eyebrows was the worst for me.

  • This is awesome! Hahaha so many things I’d forgotten had happened! <3 Aww in a way I'll miss those days. Completely nailed this list!

  • Absolutely love your blog! I’m in my mid-twenties myself, working in the media industry in London and can totally relate to your posts. Thanks also for the nostalgic memories of being a noughties teen! xo


  • chris James

    Love it brought back so many memories for me as to what you lot where actually like spesh the thong thing ha

  • Sarah

    Many guilty smiles lol. What about to go with your So..? perfume, a bottle of Exclamation! And Impulse body sprays were all the rage… especially that Spice Girls special πŸ™‚

  • Kathy fairhurst

    Love it x spot on had a smile at them all and the chicken premier rip x remember recording songs on top of the pops no DVDs a blu rays then x

    • anonomous

      Erm, dvds have bee around since the 90’s

      • Kat

        Er, no they haven’t. Clearly you were not around in the nineties.

      • anonymous

        DVDs were around in the late 90s. i got a ps2 when i was eight in 2000, had a DVD player built in. VHS was probs still more popular i guess but lots of people had a bit of both.
        and also, even if i wasn’t a ‘chav’ i can relate to at least half of them (msn, limewire, alcopops, stripy hair, gel pens, the sims!) and remember the other things. just a bit of fun :p

  • So accurate! I feel like i’ve just gone back 12 years in time! x

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    Throwback Tuesday? Oh so shockingly true. Love it.

  • “That time Bombhead’s mum died in Hollyoaks” – inspired!

  • Keriiii

    Does anyone remember the hooch coats with the two balls???

    • stacey

      haha yes….yes i do! πŸ™‚

    • yas

      lol I had one!

  • Alex

    literally so many of these are true! oh dolcis and their cheap shoes. So…? perfumes making us feel grown up because they came in a glass bottle but the spray was necessary for after PE. what about tattoo chokers and bracelet sets though, for accessorizing? and buying all our jewellery from claire’s as well

  • stacey

    Haha Love this! Its too True!

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  • Hahaha CLASSIC!

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    Spot on! Hahahahhaahahhahahaha.

  • THIS is amazing! true fecking stories all over the place! loving your blog!

  • leah

    Whoa you nailed it!!

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    A little lunchtime reading that is just so true it hurts me – though I didn’t have a bellybutton piercing *gip*

  • You’ve just bought back so many memories for me. Jane Norman plastic bags used for your gym kit after purchasing your adult clothes from there! Ahh blissful years!

  • When you say teenagers – you actually mean girls, because not a single one applied to me.

    Also I am ashamed to admit it but sixteen year old me found the short skirt ugg boot thing really hot.

    I know πŸ™

  • Kat

    I agree with precisely three of those (collecting smelly gel pens, reading Jacqueline Wilson books (which I still read) and reading Mizz, Sugar and Shout). The rest of them were absolutely NOT me at all.

    • Lcjur

      Maybe you weren’t a noughties teenager then Kat, prehaps a different decade?
      I definitely think most people who were teenagers during this time can relate to 95% of those..

      • Or were into alternative stuff. Or were from a non-white household. Or were from a religious household. Or were boffins. Or were goths.

        Just because *you* can relate to it does’t mean its accurate or the majority, just relevant to your experience.

      • linzi

        I agree Lcjur. I was most of these. Funny. Good article!

      • Haha, boffins and goths! Now YOU defo were a noughties teen! lol

      • I was a boffin and a goth and still relate all but the TV soaps related ones πŸ™‚

    • bob dobbs

      Good to know Kat.

    • I’m the exact same Kat! And I was born in 1989 πŸ˜‰

      • If you were born in ’89 then you were a noughties teenager! No wonder you don’t recognise these.

      • Sarah

        Haha if you were born in 89 then you would have been a naughties teen. Learn to count πŸ™‚

      • erm….the title of the post is ’42 Things All NOUGHTIES Teenagers Will Remember’,Emily….You know the noughties refers to 2000-2009 right? o_0

      • And by the way, I never said I don’t remember them. I’m just saying that ,bar maybe 3, they didn’t apply to me…I wasn’t the kind of girl who wore Uggs and pranced around in belly tops, thankfully! :))

      • Is that directed at me, Sarah? πŸ™‚ Just want to make sure.

    • Jo

      Don’t forget to top it off with blue mascara and multicoloured hair mascara!

    • Ellie

      If you still read jacqueline wilson books then it seems more like you were born in the noughties rather than were a teenager then, unless you’re a 30 year old with a reading age of about 8.

      • sam35

        Well i was born in 78 i got bullyed battered n so needy id follow anything or anyone then DOWNLOAD 2014 my first festival i mite be in my 30s
        but 30is is deffo the best time of my life i can stand up for myself have a drink with my son still have a size 10 figher don’t get parra or cry when im pissed SO ALL I CAN SAY IS 35 Me MY DOWNLOAD FRIEND 19.

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    Some are so true!!

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    numbers 5, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 41, 42… that was my life… πŸ˜€

  • Banana Bread

    I would have to add those disgusting multi-colour eye shadow cream palettes for my list to be complete.
    my favourite colour combination was blue-white-pink….. but either way it would just end up a massive mess in the crease of my eyes.

    • Sara92

      Haha!! Yes blue eye shadow mixed with white was the best look ever!! πŸ™‚

    • ARose90

      Oh my god YES! The smell of cheep chemicals that you just know were a breeding ground for conjunctivitis

    • Ahh good one!! Would definitely add that to the list πŸ™‚

  • I am ashamed to say that I can relate to almost ALL of these but HAHAHA thanks for the memories!

  • Number 23 and 30 have killed me off! I do not miss being a teen at all! And I certainly do not miss msn.

    But I do miss the Sims. Quite alot.

    • You’re never too old to play the Sims!

    • Braify

      You know that Sims Freeplay exists right?

  • Jennie

    All of them are so true πŸ˜€

  • gvfdsgsdf

    yes all male teenagers in the “naughties will remember this”

  • Shouldn’t this be 42 things all FEMALE noughties teenagers will remember?

  • Lizzle

    This is SO true and extreemley hilarious! Too many than I’d like to admit defo applied to me! Thanks for writing it πŸ™‚

  • Grammar Five-Oh

    20. Collecting smelly gel pens. Although not being able to write in the banana or coconut scented ones because they WERE basically white. Good one, Hannah Gale. Good one.

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    Reblogging because it is basically a description of my teenage years. Good times..

    • And thus getting penalised by Google Panda for having duplicate content on your website…. @laugraeva

  • Reblogged on http://www.ageoldyoung.blogspot.co.uk, most of these are scarily true. I lost many an evening to MSN.

  • I love this. I definitely can relate to at least 90% of these things and so could most of my mates πŸ™‚

  • Marie

    Haha almost everyone of these things i did!! So funny to remember back!

  • ben carder

    HMV hasnt shut down, i work there

    • do you? Where is your HMV?

      • I have a HMV too, both of the ones near me are still open, yay the north

      • Tracey

        There is a huge HMV store in Cambridge.

        I’m an 80s child and we had hair mascara back then, along with the blue and pink eyeshadows but no mobile phones. At least all my mistakes were made before the internet!

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  • Feel like half of that is from the 90s though

  • Shannon C

    This is me ALL over. Every. Single. One.

    • jonty

      Well then you are an idiot.

  • 35 though. That was seeeeeeeeeeeerious, man.

    Also, I can still remember the moves to most of my dance mat’s songs eg. Mucho Mambo (sway)… that’s really bad.

  • Christie

    brilliant but would have to add in multicoloured clip in hair streaks. EVERYONE wanted one of the them!

  • Bryony

    So true!!!! Also, buying glittery eyeliner because it really made you stand out! Haha and wearing heelies! Good times.

  • Holly

    90% of them are my life story ahaa.

  • Aidan

    Well that’s a false title. Clearly it should say 42 things a small minority of teenage girls remember and may agree with.

  • Joshua

    42 things every noughties teenage GIRL will remember HER MOST ANNOYING FRIEND DOING

  • Martin

    This should definitely be for teenage GIRLS only

  • Charlotte

    Would just like to point out the factual error in the last point, which says HMV shut down. HMV is still very much open.

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    I forgot about soo many of these! My bubblegum smelly gel pen… a girl’s best friend *wistful sigh*

  • Rhia

    43. Whether it was on boys shirts or girls skirts, everyone started wearing a Chinese dragon design and loved the symbols to boot.
    44. Peach 20/20, Black Smirnoff Ice, ALL flavours of Reef, Hooch and Archers Aqua were new and you only needed to not blink too much and maintain eye contact to get served.
    45.Bindi’s, curtains and hair sprayed bangs were cool, as were trouser skirts… and snap bands
    46. Snake wasn’t retro and was in fact the only game you had on your phone, as was monotone ringtones…
    47. You either loved Nick, Lee, Ben, Craig or Adam (no exceptions)
    48. Tracksuits had poppers….alllllll the way up the leg.
    49.You could still buy 1p sweets (black jacks or fruit salads anyone?), Freddo’s, Chomps, Curly Wurly’s, Fudges, Tangy Tom’s and Space Raiders were still 10p!
    50. “Who loves Orange soda?….”
    51. Tamagotchi tried to teach us how to nurture an electronic pet… but we just kept growing a new one… until we got bored and got a Furbie instead.

    • emma

      Oh my god yes to all of these you have added. Think you should write a part 2 to this list lol

    • I rarely reply to comments, but YES to all of these. Spot on! x

    • ^ These are all way too 90s…

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  • How can you forget Kappa jackets and Nike poppers! I lived in those. Also, one word: Scrunchies. I use to wear three, the first was light and really tight, then the other two were darker and looser to hide the bumps in my hair from pulling it back so tightly. Oh and I miss the smelly belly pens!

  • love it love it love it, I related to pretty much every single one! don’t deny it loool all those things were cool once πŸ˜‰

  • melisss

    Best teens years Eva most of that was mine love gel pens love everything about that time wished it had never ended really

  • emma

    This is brilliant, almost all of them i experienced but 1 thing that was forgotten is the “schott jackets” i had the royal blue one an swapped the velcro badge with my friend for her pink badge..lol, oh the memories, thank u so much.x

  • Absolutely spot on haha!

  • Chelsea

    What style you think you had at 13 this is what everyone looked like. Alternative or not we all done this because it was FASHION in that time. Those saying they never done it hahaha just admit it

  • Kayleigh

    I can relate to 85% of these brilliant, bought back some goid memories too πŸ™‚

  • Emma

    Not forgetting hair mascara… What a horrible blue substance!

  • Chelsea

    I and you forgot the Winnie the Pooh socks that you could see as you pulled them over your trackie bottoms your with with the nickelson tee that coloured matched your trainers

  • Siobhan

    Bahahahaha this is SO true! I can relate to most of the above…not sure whether to happily reminisce or cringe…

  • great one…its nice indeed

  • Kayleigh

    Roll on lip gloss was also the ‘in thing to have’ too! They came in various colours and flavours! I never left the house without mine!

  • Haha I love this! Hilarious, I can relate to pretty much all of this, loved my smelly gel pens, inflatable chair.

  • Spot on, haha! I can’t believe other people actually used LimeWire, I lived on that program! And I totally forgot that pedal pushers even existed.

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  • Haha… This post literally made my evening rock! You have really commeorized all the stuff that we teenager need to remember – to refresh our lives. Thanks for posting here

  • I’m so old I misread the title, thought it said nineties and couldn’t only relate to about 3, haha!

  • Excellent! Loved this. What about fluffy pens (as seen on Clueless)! Obviously in baby pink. Bindis and nail tattoos and piercings. Arm bangles and skirt over trousers. Hahaha

  • MelissaDKlem

    Buying all your β€˜grown up’ clothes from Jane Norman. Skin-tight dresses, big plastic buckles on your tops and flared jeans. Then using the shopping bag as a very stylish overnight bag. Go you. http://qr.net/stx3

  • ank

    well what am i then? I was born in 1995 and i did pretty much all of these bar the horrible hair trend.
    You’ve got to remember pre-teens do similar things to actual teenagers and at the end of start of the era you may have been a teenager.

    • Faith

      If you were born in 1995 that means in turn that you were a teenager at somepoint in the noughties, which is what the post states.
      ’42 Things All Noughties Teenagers Will Remember’ That means you! Come on now think a bit.

  • Ahh! I love this! haha, I did 90% of these things! Great post!

    Lauren x

  • Did you even Sims?

    Mortimer GOTH… just sayin

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  • #39 is my favorite, and hoop earrings are still in style lol

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  • So funny and true – loved it.

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    Ah, those were the days…

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  • You forgot ‘making your sims characters ‘woohoo”

    Love this post!

  • loladee1

    You forgot ‘making your sims characters ‘woohoo”

    Brilliant post! πŸ˜€

  • Well ! what can I say? What do you think we did in the 6o’s, 70<s 80's etc . Love you loads Groogle xx

  • Frank

    Errm….I still do some of this stuff. Still have a nokia, pay as you go, still watch Sabrina, prank phone calls…..

  • sam35

    Well i was born in 78 i got bullyed battered n so needy id follow anything or anyone then DOWNLOAD 2014 my first festival i mite be in my 30s
    but 30is is deffo the best time of my life i can stand up for myself have a drink with my son still have a size 10 figher don’t get parra or cry when im pissed still got the fashion from 1st time so ALL I CAN SAY IS 35 Me MY DOWNLOAD FRIEND 19.

  • Ashleigh

    For everyone saying ‘this doesn’t apply to me because I wasn’t a chav..’ that’s not what the article is about, it’s about the things you remember! Many of these don’t apply to me either but I can still look back and remember other people participating in them. People take these articles way to seriously, it’s just a bit of fun!

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  • Sophie

    Oh my God i actually love this!! All of this applies to me and my friends…..Definitely had me amused for the last 10 minutes!!

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  • G

    42 things ALL teenagers of the noughties will remember? Well from 2000-2009 I was 14 aged through 19 and up to 23 and as a male teenager this mostly doesn’t apply to me. I think the title needs rephrasing. “42 things all teenage girls of the noughties will remember” or does equality only work in One Direction?

  • I laughed so hard reading this. Brilliant!

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  • Rachael Greener

    This is absolutely spot on. Every single point made here reminds me of my secondary school years – hilarious. Will save this page in my bookmarks to look back on every now and again

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  • Ahhh the good old days! I still have my classic monochrome pencil case with red interior lol
    it is covered with messages from all my friends- sad but i am keeping it. long live brick motorolas and calling voicemails for free on 1-2-1!

  • Christina

    Genuinely horrific butchery of Jacqueline wilsons girls series. I was devastated.

  • MonkeyPuzzle

    ’42 things all teenage chavs will remember.’ I thankfully was only guilty of a couple of these. Urgh, scraped-back ponytails with 2 dangly strands, yeah that looked great, boys love being able to see all the details of your skull. 0_o

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  • Bar

    Ah Smirnoff Ice, How can I forget…. I want 1….

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  • This is spot on! Made me giggle. Oh and I now have F.U.R.B stuck in my head…!

    Melissa x

  • Hilarious – all so true! “19. Buffalo trainers with FLAMES on the side. Enough said.” These were my world, i had the ones with pink flames and loved them sooooooo much. Kinda want another pair now

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