Five Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

I can tell you what i’m definitely not obsessed with: trains, snow or Ugg boots. That combination actually brings a hefty bit of acid reflux up my throat, and a teeny tiny part of my soul just shrivelled up and died even typing it.

Not that I don’t love snow. Of course I do, I’m a child (If I minus six years off of my age), but when it disrupts my social life, fashion choices and warmth, i’d rather it ran away, off to the edge of the earth to never been seen again.

The last week has been, as always, filled with plenty of tea, lipstick and board games, so i’ve been haps.

I’ll let you read what I’m actually obsessed with. That is if you can tear yourself away from the National Television Awards/Instagram or your dinner for all of three minutes. I know right, it’s hard.



Oh God, i’ve become that person. That horrible person that writes statuses like “OMG sat nite in with my gurls having wine and a chinky in our onesies”.

Ok, no, that’s a very bold lie. I’m nowhere near you horrendous beings, what I am however is a cold twenty-something who can’t turn away work freebies. I’m living, sleeping, eating and shopping in my pretty babygrows. My current fave is this white digital leopard print one from Pretty Little Things, it’s so snug, minus the quickly gorwing crotch whole.

My Fitness Pal


If i’d have had the money for an iPhone when I was back at uni, there’d have been no need for my cruel fitness blog on my excess rolls. This little badboy of an app is the sole reason (aside from my pomegranite juice addiction) for my shedding of half a stone in two weeks.

It’s like Twitter for anorexics. It’s controlling and cruel and hugely addictive, but it’s fast becoming one of my favourite friends. When you see my Instagram snaps of me standing on Mykonos beach in eight months, you’ll see exactly why. Errr is that Miranda Kerr’s body calling my name? Yes, yes it is.

My Kate Spade Bag


I was a little bit spoilt this week with my pretty new grape coloured Kate Spade bag in all its leathery glory. Best of all it even has a dust bag. I know, I own a handbag WITH A DUST BAG. If ever there was something that defined old and successful and BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, it’s this. In fact the only way this could really be topped is if I was Louis Tomlinson’s stylist, or hugger, but let’s face it, i’ve just got too much talent for him, bless.

Anyway back to the glorious Kate Spade bag. Yes, it’s glorious. And it’s micro mini tiny, and it looks spectacular with my mac, and yes, I will wear it in New York. It’s an all round success, excpet no, I can’t fit in anything more than my phone. With a bag this pretty, men will just pay for my dinner and drinks, fellow women will lend me their make-up, and my door will just miraciously open for me without keys, right? RIGHT?


My Dungaree Dress

Now some might argue that I look like a tolder who played dress up over her school uniform, to those people I simply question your knowledge of fashion trends, in a condescending manner of course.

I’m loving my new dress, it’s super warm, and mostly it’s super warm. In fact i’m wearing it right now, couple with a long-sleeved Breton tee, and I tell you, i’m loving life. Give me an infinite amount of calories and a kitten on my lap and i’d be set up for life.

For those who are wondering, yes it’s a Topshop buy, and no it wasn’t free – sob.

And yes it does have a massive pocket on the front and it does hold many objects. Howevet, there’s a teeny tiny chance I may have stretched it and no it hangs forward in a rather bossy manner. Note to self – do not attempt to put all objects on desk in one pocket for funsies, you will damage clothes.


Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

In this one shade to be particular. It’s dark and wintery and mysterious and beautiful. I mean you just can’t deny it. It makes me feel like I belong in the fashion world, along with all the beanie clad, nose-pierced and Doc Martin wearing monstrosities in East London.

it’s my fave lip colour of the moment, although with my current addiction I’ve no doubt it’ll change next week. Most importantly i think it scares off men, and that’s maybe a good thing? That’s if the Harry Potter obsession, pinafore and obsession with crime documentaries hasn’t already…

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