Twelve Things I’ve Learnt This Year


It’s that time of year again, with the new year only weeks away, the rush of ‘fresh new start’ statuses and tweets are imminent. As are the New Year resolutions and blog posts about 2012. So here it goes my little gremlins, here’s a generic blog post about the last year…. Enjoy.

In 2012 I learnt…

1. Positive thinking really does pay off. You can fight cancer, get your dream job and more, I’m sure of it. Letting your demons get the better of you and take over your life sometimes seems like the only option, but continuing to fight really does produce fantastic results as those around me have proven this year. Maybe it’s the Gale gene in me, but I’m glad I keep going always, no matter what’s holding me back. It’s the reason I’m where I’m at right now and I couldn’t be prouder.

2. Mexican food is fantastic. Fajitas and nachos, I love you. Like really love you. And don’t even get me started on margaritas.

3. Social media is the absolute devil. It may be the reason I have my job, but it’s going to be the absolute death of our generation, trust me. Look at anyone’s Facebook profile, Instagram photos or tweets and you’ll see the world they want you to see. Never compare yourself to the social media version of someone else, you’ll only see the most filtered, edited and glossy version of them. The version they want you to see. Behind the cocktails, centre parting and toned legs they’re probably just as insecure and lonely as you. (Disclaimer, my life isn’t just country walks, free alcohol and drawn on eyebrows…). This year I’ve learnt to avoid certain people’s online profiles. What’s the point of letting something entirely fake and constructed bring you down?

4. It’s ok to not be happy every single day. It’s ok to feel shit even though nothing’s wrong, and it’s even more ok to feel shit even if everything’s super good. Feeling shit just stands to remind you how amazing life is when you’re happy. If you didn’t have the bad days how would you know the good ones were so insanely fabulous? It’s not ok to feel guilty for feeling rubbish, or burdening your friends. That’s exactly what they’re there for – to make you haps.

5. People grow apart. Whether it’s friendships or relationships, people change and that’s ok, things end. Some friends you’ll be reading Harry Potter to in a nursing home, and for others 2012 is the end of the line. Don’t dwell on it, there’s plenty more new friends and boyfriends/girlfriends to come. It’s exciting really, right? Embrace it and remember the beaut memories that came with it.

6. Free clothes don’t get old. Not ever.

7. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Why should you? Those that don’t treat you like a statue made of diamonds don’t deserve you, fact. Leave behind the rubbish people and keep on searching for the good eggs, they’re out there, somewhere. The more you let people walk all over you the harder they become to let go of, learn to put yourself first. Self love goes a hell of a long way.

8. Diet Coke is as addictive as heroin, and there’s no way in hell I’m giving it up.

9. The Hunger Games is a deliciously incredible trilogy.

10. Getting old is as terrifying as it is brilliant. I wouldn’t swap my Sunday walks, red wine and financial independence for Malibu, excessive hormones and poor dress sense q

EVER. Well, maybe for a few days of being a self-obsessed 16 year old again. Boys loved that little trollop.

11. Bright lipstick instantly makes you look cool. As do boot Converse, heavy eyebrows and beanie hats.

12. Life goes on. Those three words sum up the best advice to every situation. Keep on going, no matter what. Life’s too short to worry, keep on being the best version of yourself because you’ll look back and be glad you fought through the pain. You’re too brilliant to fall at the idiotic hurdles.

Over emotional, silly and full of utter bullshit, as always. Thanks for listening xxxxx

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