Birthday: Turning 23

So, 23.

Let’s look at the positives, I’m a year off of my mid-twenties, so technically I’m definitely still in my early twenties, right? A few years ago ask me what I’d of wanted for my mid-twenties and I’d have said marriage, kids and a career, ask me now what I’d quite like next year and I’ll tell you this: career, super-secure friendships and maybe, if I’m lucky, a few dates. I never wanted the cosmopolitan lifestyle, or to leave kids and marriage until my thirties, but the more time goes on the more I realise I’m not ready to grow up. Recent events would suggest I’m not ready to settle down yet, and actually my whole perspective on life has changed of late.

My birthday has taught me that actually break-ups are incredibly lonely, and even if you’re super sure you’re ok, there will always be times when you’re not. Times when you question whether all of your choices have been for the better. I’ve also learnt that my friends really are true gems, and that whatever challenges life throws in my way, friends will always make everything that little bit easier to contend with.

Thank you everyone for a super birthday, I’m excited to see what the next year brings. I’m sorry for all my moody little moments – but you’ll all be grumpy when you turn 23, I promise.

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