Life’s Priorities: It’s Scary How They Change

Picture me (or, I suppose you could picture yourself) five years ago. Completely different right? Not just because of my heart-warming ability to not suffer from hangovers, nor my ability to wolf down daily McDonald’s without gaining a pound, or my obsession with wanting to ditch my education for a full-time career in glamour modelling. Embarrassing, but stonkingly true.

No, ladies, gentleman and my generation of young-pros, I’m talking about priorities. Five years ago I was heading up to my 18th birthday. My life goals? Getting drunk, picking a degree course out of the blue and hoping to get accepted on it, and being a general wannabe player. Wannabe because I never succeeded in not falling for the many boys I preyed on.

There are many things that motivate me now the way that pitchers of WooWoo and jocks motivated me then, the difference is, there’s now only one thing I really find myself waking up for in the mornings (which, at 5.45am and in the dark has to be a pretty hefty thing). And that is the reminder that life really is too short.

I like to remind myself that every day is a fresh challenge, and a gift, even if it makes me sound like a devoted Christian rather than a bitter Atheist. I used to live for the moment because I wanted to be the life and soul of the party and I wanted to be everyone’s favourite person, now I do it because we have to live with the reality that we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Five years ago I was concerned about my grandparents health, worried that I’d never please my parents, concerned my friends were bitching about me, and sure that I’d never find another boyfriend.

Now I’ve got to a point where I accept myself. If my Nan questions who I am and asks if my family are nice, I can just smile. Old people are supposed to get old. If I feel pressured to explain my life path to my parents, I feel reassured that I know I’m doing ok, even if others doubt me, and most of all, I now know, that without a shadow of a doubt, my friends love me unconditionally (I feel the same way too, obvs) and even if I never feel love again, i’ll truly be ok.

I’ll be ok because I’m strong, and mostly because all those teenage hormones have finally died away and I’ve started becoming a real adult. Yes it’s scary that we have to deal with proper finances and support ourselves, and that when we start a relationship we have to look at whether marriage could be a possibility, but despite all the scary stuff, we’ve learnt to know it’ll all be ok.

I like to think that whatever life throws at us, nothing will ever be too hard to cope with, because the little woes and worries we’ve already dealt with have made us so much stronger. My advice? We never know what life will throw our way, and looking out for number one will only take you so far. Always remember that as long as you surround yourself with friends that challenge, support you and make you laugh so much you can’t breathe, you’ll always be ok in the end.

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