February Resolutions… Six Months On

This pictures hugely relevant right? On February 15th I set myself five life goals that I wanted to have achieved in six months time. Whether I was fair on myself or not is another matter, but what I will say is that regardless of whether not I’ve succeeded in my wishful thinking, my life has taken many twists and turns since I wrote the list, the good news is that, however challenging things may have got, I am in a better place now than I have been in a long time. Life is about change and adventures, and constantly forcing yourself into the unknown in the hope that one day we will be sitting upon Mount Happiness looking back at the turbulent journey that got us there. So I like to think i’m finding myself at the moment, and I’m rather enjoying learning about myself. Anyway…

So here it is, the six life goals…

1. To be paid a little more… Ladies and gents, perseverance and hard-working most certainly DOES pay off. My wage has more than doubled in the last six months, and I’ve now got a job that I’d be a little bit lost without. I enjoy pretty much every minute and get paid to do exactly what I love. To top it off, I can now afford to buy bottles of wine here, there and everywhere, eat Indians weekly and shop in Topshop – life win all round.

2. To be a size ten… Now, this one I fell a teency smeency bit short of. Although to cover my back I’d like to point out that I’ve made lifestyle changes that I hope will improve me for the better in the future. I’ve learnt to eat properly (just not on the weekends) and I’ve fallen in love with the gym. Here’s to next year, although in all honesty, a yummy body isn’t at the top of my list anymore. Age, and, god-forbid, maturity have changed my outlook on my weight, and you know what? My body is mine, lumps, bumps, curves and all it’s pretty ok. A skinny Hannah Gale wouldn’t be quite the same, and I’m finally learning to be content in my own skin. What I would absolutely give to tell my 15-year-old self that.

3. To have an answer for my Dad’s health… Now, I’m not one to believe in God, but we’ve been beyond lucky to have the world and his wife praying for us. The place he is now in was unimaginable even two months ago. Perhaps karma really has come back around, I like to think he’s now paying the glorious price for being a had-working and honest individual for the last 61 years. That, or luck, either way I’m proud at the way we’ve all coped as a Gale team, and I’m feeling the burst of life I’m experiencing will go on for eternity – it’s so incredo.

4. To have a moving out plan laid out… I’ve had so many plans move around in my tired little brain, and as of yet none of them make spectacular sense. But I’m holding out, I’m taking my time to ensure that this time it is an absolute joy. If life has taught me anything so far, it’s that rushing about big decisions doesn’t always pay off. Right now I’m content in Sussex and with my daily commute, which as startling as it is, has only made me realise how capable I am.

5. To own a maxi skirt… Guess what? I own four now. Two of the pleated variety from various charity shops, one printed one from Primark and a sheer blue one from New Look. The joys of being a fashion journalist? Most probably.

Three out of five is incredible in my eyes, and I’m beyond excited to see what obscenities happen within the next six months. Here’s to the rest of 2012 and continuing to find myself, because it really is bloody good fun.

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