Graduate Life: It Just Got Better…

So, it goes without saying that the last year has possibly been one of the most eventful. Not in the same way that summer 2008 was, which was undoubtedly riddled with my own mistakes, but because life does, whether we like it or not, have a way of throwing absolute atrocities into the already complicated mixture.

But, as of three weeks ago, I came out the other side, and boy, do I feel bloody damn good about myself.  You may or may not know about the personal family matter that has, without realising so, completely and utterly plagued my life. Over the last year, despite all the wonderful memories, my fantastic new job (which I’ll outline in another post) the said matter, completely changed me as a person – gave me a different, unrecognisable personality

I am, and I like to think always will be, a bit of an absolute animal – in the best possible way of course. I like to party, I like to be spontaneous, I like to stay up late and gossip in bed with my beautiful friends, I like to make midnight nachos, drink wine out of boxes, but the last year  has seen me become the most boring of mature adults. I’ve come to judging my friends for not working hard enough to achieve their dreams and cement a career. But right now who needs a career, like really? I’ve taken to going to bed early, living at the gym, and I’ve stopped bothering to stay in contact with some of the people I love most.

Everyday I hear horror stories about people losing the people closest to them, and you have to admit, when you sit back and look at it, life really is too short. The fact that your entire world can be ripped out from underneath you in one single moment is terrifying, and that one thought has propelled me to live my life AGAIN.

I’m Hannah Gale today, and I was her yesterday, and the day before that, and most definitely the day before that too, and I absolutely promise I will still be her when I wake up tomorrow. I want to apologise to my friends for acting like a judgmental tory who would rather have a herbal tea in bed than see her best friends. Because it’s all of you that make me smile when I wake up, and when you really think about it, that is exactly what makes the world go round. It’s not careers, or money, or possessions, or working hard, it’s surrounding yourself with the people who make you smile time and time again. And although the last year has been hard, unfairly hard in places, I’ve got to say thank you to destiny or fate, or whatever it is that decides our life plan, because you’ve challenged me, and made me realise what the most important thing in life is – the people I love.

And yes, yes I realise exactly how lame this blog post is – but that’s exactly the sort of person Hannah Gale is, and always will be. I’m glad to be back.

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