My New Online Treasures: Hello Pay Day

Ok, so the worrying part of this post, is that most of these new online stores I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon have all come from, please hold back your gasps – MumsNet.

Now it’s not like I’m so desperate to throw myself into motherhood, that I’ve taken to trawling the site for fertility tips, or worse still – started commenting in forums pretending I’m pregnant and looking for advice. Oh no, this is purely for work purposes. You see, the lovely regulars on MumsNet seem to click on any links I post into the forums, generating some traffic for BagServant, and so at least an hour of my day is spent hunting out good topics to comment on. Except what happens is, I get drawn in to completely off subject topics, and end up browsing jewellery websites.

Anyway the point is, I am forever looking for new shopping websites to waste me life away on, and Topshop is really starting to grate on me, as is, which seem to be my two current go-to sites.

So here are a few new favourites below, but please, I am begging you, if you find any more, please do let me know. Be it clothes, accessories, jewellery or shoes, I could really do with some more wishpiration.

Stella & Dot

Love Hearts and Crosses

Dolce Vita

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