My LFW round-up

I realised I never posted any highlights, most notably because, bar a lot of free sample size pieces of cake and Vitamin Water, and the odd exciting exhibition, there weren’t that many for me.

I may have been paid to be there this year, but there were no free cosmetics, no cheeky McDonalds, and no accidentally getting drunk off champagne from lingering far too long at the same event. I think next season I’d like to do it for myself (if at all) I’m going to get the Hannah Gale freelance journalist name on the radar and apply for my own tickets, and have the ability to swan around taking street style pics for this blog, drinking too many cocktails and networking until I’m only half a person. That – or not at all, I’m still too-ing and fro-ing about whether I even like fashion or not. It’s so pretentious and un-smiley. WHY DOES NO-ONE IN FASHION LOOK HAPPY, EVER? Anyway that’s a blog post for another day.

Here’s the best of LFW through my weary eyes:

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