As an avid online window shopper, the ‘new in’ list is where all my attention is instantly directed. Not that I don’t love my eBay watch list as if it were my own child, but sometimes oversized wild vintage blouses and trailing pleated maxi skirts need breaking up with a few little high-street pieces.

I love my denim from Topshop, because, despite by abundant hate-love relationship with the retailer, their jeans, admittedly, always look divine. My problem with Topshop is the pretentious we’re-so-amazing-we’re-basically-designer. No, no you’re not. You’d good, but you’re so overpriced and up your own bottoms that the real world (all us working class beauties) actually secretly hate you a little bit. I like H & M too, it sort of just does what it says on the tin, providing me with delightful little basics, like cheapo jeans, and caramel coloured coats, and fitted black blazers, all at under £20. Everything’s well-cut, but not attention-seeking, their pieces glide into my wardrobe so effortlessly, that it’s quite honestly hard to go wrong.

River Island and New Look haven’t fared so well in the past year, apart from shoes (I LOVE their shoes). This is mostly because I find R.I like the chavs version of Topshop, and New Look the badly designed version of H & M only fit for Townies. That’s right I brought back the T word.

Without further ado, let me introduce my faves from this week’s ‘new in’ lists.

Miss Selfridge – £26

Topshop £32

Unique at Topshop £220

Boohoo £15

Asos £30

Topshop £35

New look £25.99

H & M £26.99

Topshop £60

Missguided £24.99

Missguided £27.99

And not forgetting the accessories….

Missguided £28.99

River Island £13

Topshop £32

Boohoo  £20

Topshop £75

River Island £3.50

River Island £35

Miss Selfride £28

Missguided £15.99

Lavish Alice £10

Missguided £26.99

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