Vintage finds from January’s pay cheque.

So, when I say vintage, I mean second-hand, I need to drop the pretentious lines. I’ve always been a lover of charity shop and eBay finds, not least because of their histories, and their purse-friendly prices but because I know no-one else will own it. I’d like to mention here, how distressing it is when you think you’ve spotted something you might like, only to look at the label and to see PRIMARK. It’s like a slap in the face. Second hand Primarni? I’d go homeless before I dropped that low in my dedication to fashion. I have never, and will never step foot in a ‘vintage-store’ knowing full well all the items in there have been hunted out of charity shops, their prices quadrupled (at least) and then stuck on polished wooden hangers. I’m just not ok with this, mostly because there’s no fun, no warmth spreading through your veins as you realise you have found an incredible buy, just sat their lining the rails of your local Oxfam. I also think it’s a stupendous waste of money, and I think the only way i’d ever spend £30+ on second-hand clothes is if they were designer (mostly for a vintage Chanel 2.55 bag, literally weeing myself slightly over the idea of owning a moss-green quilted beauty).

So, back to reality, here are my beautiful little creme de la creme’s of this month’s pay. I’m too scared to go on eBay now (or into the high street), until my next pay cheque is in sight.

Silk blouse: £7.50 eBay

Pink Blouse: £2.95  Senses in Deptford, London

Red knitted jumper: £2.95 Senses in Deptford, London

Gold leather belt: £2.95 eBay

Black patent oversized envelope clutch: £4.00 eBay

Patchwork leather sports holdall: £7.45 eBay

I’ll wear the red jumper the most, it’s so sweet and handknitted (with a tiny neck hole that keeps getting stuck on my massive head), and it goes with everything. But it’s the weekend holdall that i’m getting jittery about using, the same way I feel when I know I’ve ordered an Indian and i’m impatiently awaiting its arrival. There’s a long story about this little jewel, and why i’m not allowed to use it, but I think it’s beautiful, and truly perfect for all my grown-up weekends away.

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