My, my, what a pretty blouse you have

Since my legendary weight loss of 2011 i’ve finally found myself understanding ever other woman’s lifelong love affair with jeans. I like mine skinny and ever-so-slightly cropped, and in a magnitude of colours. But my problem now? I’ve nothing to wear on top. Vest tops and t-shirts are the comfy and cheap go-to, but are they fun and style-inspiring? No. I’ve come to the conclusion that life would generally be more exciting if I had a vast collection of blouses and shirts to team with my jeans. These little treasures give off such a glamorous and grown up look that …

1. Your employer will assume you to be powerful and in-control

2. You’ll always look like you’ve made an effort even if insie you’re hungover and surviving off of three hours sleep

3. A good shirt will never go out of fashion, buy good quality and it’ll last through the seasons

The Peter Pan Collar £12

The Girly Print £24

The Show-Off-A-Good-Bra Shirt Topshop £36

The Investment Silk Shirt Topshop Boutique £60

The Waist-Definer Asos £35

The Teeny Tiny Polka Dot Topshop £38

The Embellished One £20.99

And finally… The Guilty Pleasure Asos £45



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