Addicted to layering bracelets

It’s fair to say i’m rather flamboyant in many areas of my life – my erratic driving style, love of murder stories and continuous need to meow are just a few obscure qualities I pride myself on. So my style was never going to be laid back, understated or simple. I’m addicted to jewellery – or more, wearing it all at once. I’ve gone through phases of three necklaces at a time, up to eight anklets, five rings and bracelets that trail off towards my elbows. I’m like a middle-class gypsy.

When i’m on the hunt for new wrist accessories, I look for two things – cheap and colourful. In a nutshell – Kerry Katona’s wardrobe. I lose bracelets on a weekly basis, or they snap or I give them to people with lonely wrists, so spending money to ensure my collection is perfectly co-ordinating makes no sense. I also have issues with ready-made bracelet sets – yes this is aimed at you Topshop and River Island. Where’s the fun in ready made, it’s like those shirts and jumper combos, where there’s actually no shirt, just a collar sewn onto a jumper – plain weird and impractical.

So, if, like me, you sort of like the cluttered jewellery look, because it ‘shows off your personality’ – the polite way of saying you look slightly cheap and erratic, here are my favourite little finds.

This season is less tribal threads and more enamel, dainty chains and miniature charms in lots of sweet candy colours.

H&M £3.99

Orelia for Asos £10

River Island £7

Asos £7

New Look £5.99 (One or two, not all five obvs)

River Island £8

Asos £5

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