Get In There Early For This Summer’s Best High Street Bandeau Buys

Now that I’ve booked myself a deliciously quaint summer holiday, and I’ve got myself all geared up to look like Pixie Lott on the beach (achievable right? right?) the next obvious step is to start preparing my holiday wardrobe.

My thoughts are that following my tremendous weight loss and breast stoke induced chest tone come May, bandeau tops will be a hugely viable option. No longer will my assets looks like butcher’s sausages crammed into their skins, instead they will sit like pert satsumas upon my chest, glowing with a golden Greek sheen.

So, as I’m a bit of a mix and match-are, I’ve picked out my absolute favourite bandeau tops from across the high street, ready to be paired with my vast array of block coloured bikini bottoms. Because in the swimwear world, the bandeau reigns, keeping sunseeking girls tan line free since 2007. Not so good of course when on water slides or doing star jumps into a pool as the fine people of Marrakech found out a couple of years ago.

1. Kelly Brook for New Look £16

I love the structured shape of this one, which means you can avoid the fore-mentioned sausage effect. The secure fit means you can rest easy when riding on the banana-ride, whilst the girly floral colours can be teamed with bottoms in either red, pink or navy. or for the ultimate spring clash –  mint green.

2. Playful Promises from Asos £30

A magpie is to shiny things as I am to colour. Bird print is huge this season, and if you’re feeling brave this is certainly the way to go. The shape of this will sit nicely on a smaller chest, and because of the wild influx of colour, you’ll be left able to pair it with almost any colour on your bottom half.

3. Asos £16

The thoughtful people at ASOS designed this simple burst of girliness in two styles – one for the ample bust and one for the DD+. I think red’s a great beach colour if you’re a natural tanner, it looks gorgeous with a glow. I’d wear mine with a pair of navy and white nautical struped bottoms to keep the look quirky rather than all-over sex siren.

4. Topshop £16

The perfect all rounder – suits pale and dark skin, and the underwired design will work comfortably whatever your size. A darker floral print, especially in this gorgeous deep teal, gives the floral trend a fresh spin. Team with pastel colours to feel instantly summery.

5. Asos £16

This is something i’ll unfortunately have to steer clear of, the shape just won’t work on my chest. I envisage this bandeau dressed up with long golden beach locks and a splash of red lipstick for ultimate beach glamour, with a pair of wild clashing patterned bottoms.

6. H&M £12.99

Quite possibly my favourite of the bunch. I love the unusual earthy colours combined with the geeky geometric block shapes. If you’re looking to team these with a block colour – try a deep plum or turquoise to bring out the flecks of colour. But beware – the pale element to this means it’s a towards-the-end-of-the-holiday choice to maximise your golden glow.

7. River Island £15

This reminds me of a coral reef. I love the tropical element and the oversized ruffle detail which really makes it stand out. I picture this with either a strong blunt fringe, or gorgeous mermaid waves – great with electric blue bottoms.

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